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Campsites in West Flanders

West Flanders is a province of Belgium located on the North Sea coast. Find a camping holiday in West Flanders with Campspace.

Campsites in West Flanders

Camping in West Flanders: the region

Camping is becoming increasingly popular among tourists, as it requires less preparation and you can get a change of scenery within a 30-minute drive of your home!

West Flanders is a province of Belgium in the Flemish region in the west of the country. It is bordered by the North Sea to the west and the provinces of East Flanders, Antwerp and Hainaut to the east.

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Camping in West Flanders 

The province of West Flanders offers many camping options for visitors who want to explore the region and enjoy its beautiful beaches and nature. But camping in West Flanders offers a completely different feeling. West Flanders (or West-Vlaanderen in Flemish) is a province itself, part of the Dutch-speaking region called Flanders (or Flemish region). It is quite large and is the only coastline in Belgium. Of course, the province has a rich flora and fauna, but it also offers the possibility to spend time sunbathing on a beach. This type of all-inclusive offer is rarely found in Northern Europe. Because of the large number of tourists from Belgium and neighbouring countries, the province has many camping spaces to offer. It is a suitable region for camping due to several factors:

1. Proximity to the sea: West Flanders is situated on the North Sea coast, which makes it an ideal destination for beach holidays and water sports. Many campsites in the region offer direct access to the beach, which is convenient for holidaymakers.

Campsites by the sea🌊

2. Unspoilt nature: West Flanders is also known for its unspoilt nature, with dunes, forests and nature reserves. The region's campsites often offer a natural and peaceful setting for holiday makers, with activities such as hiking, cycling and bird watching.

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3. Cultural richness and local tourism: West Flanders is also a region rich in history and culture, with many historic cities such as Bruges, Ypres and Ostend.

Local tourism, where to go camping near home

Camping West Flanders

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The best campspaces in West Flanders

One of the most important things you need to consider when camping in West Flanders is how far you are from the beach and how important it is to you to be away from civilisation. Once you have made this decision, it will be much easier to choose a camping spot. 

For example, if you prefer a private stay away from the crowds, it would be best to look for something in the middle of the province, where there are plenty of forests. This campsite near a small village offers you the opportunity to enjoy your privacy without sacrificing leisure activities. The site itself is set in a green garden with a wall of trees separating you from the host, so you almost feel as if you are living in the forest. The hosts provide you with everything you need to make your own fire and prepare a well-deserved meal. 

Camping in your own tent in West Flanders

At Caroline in Lichtervelde, pitch your tent in her beautiful and large 4000m2 garden. Her property is located near the train station! Perfect for nature lovers, hikers, peace seekers!

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Swimming, canoeing on the pond, walking in the Bulskampveld forest, playing in the garden, sunbathing on the lawn, barbecuing by the water... That's all you can do at the campspace of Lode & Wini near Bruges!

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Bring your own tent in West Flanders Campspace

Park your camper or van with a Campspace host in West Flanders 

Campsite on the river Leie in Zulte, chez XS, where you can park your vehicle on an old football field that is always ready for a friendly time with friends and family! 

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At "Natuurkampeerterrein 't Heuvelhof in Dranouter", Piet offers you several unique places. You can find unusual accommodation and a large green area to pitch your tent or park your van!

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Find accommodation in West Flanders

Enjoy a relaxing stay in the "Barak de Niek" in Ieper. It's an alternative holiday home with a special history! Book Niek's campspace to find out more!

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Anke offers you an adventurous and natural stay in her caravan in Zedelgem. Sleep in a food forest between a vegetable garden and playgrounds. A perfect mix of a campspace in permaculture but also child-friendly

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Hébergement en Flandre Occidentale

After all, camping in West Flanders can be as varied as you like. But the province also offers luxury stays for those looking for a change of scenery without having to sacrifice comfort.

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Campspace is also present all over Europe, so you are bound to find a location that suits you and your needs!

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