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Find campsites in one of the provinces of Belgium

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    Looking for a campsite in the Belgian province of Liège? Here you will find the most beautiful unique locations for your tent, camper, caravan or van.

    Liege, a Belgian city in the province of the same name full of charm, culture and the perfect base for your next outdoor holiday. Liege is located in the French-speaking part of Belgium, Wallonia. Whether you are an avid camper, looking for luxury glamping experiences or an idyllic campervan site, Liège and the surrounding regions have a lot to offer.

    Discover the best campsites in Liege and its surroundings

    When you think of camping in Liege, do you dream of peaceful farm campsites surrounded by rolling hills, or perhaps imagine the adventurous feeling of a camper van site in Liege with breathtaking views of the Ardennes countryside? You'll find it all in Liege, from traditional campsites to trendy glamping.

    1. Camping in The Ardennes

    Looking for a campsite in Liège that offers the perfect mix of adventure and tranquillity? Then the Ardennes are an excellent choice. The diversity of the Ardennes offers a rich experience for every camper. From pitching your tent next to a babbling brook to spending the night on a farm campsite surrounded by the peaceful sounds of nature.

    The Ardennes

    2. Camping in De Hoge Venen

    'De Hoge Venen', one of Belgium's most pristine natural landscapes, is an ideal location for camping in Liège. Here you can really connect with nature. Imagine waking up at your campsite in Liège surrounded by the serene wilderness of the High Fens.

    Camping in the High Fens

    3. Camping in Liege city.

    Want to experience the unique combination of city and nature? Then consider camping in Liège city. With numerous campsites located a stone's throw from the city centre, camping in Liège city offers you the chance to discover the city's rich culture and history without losing connection with nature.

    Camping in Liège

    4. Camping in Spa

    Nature, wellness and motor sport, that's what characterises Spa. For the glamour lover, there are several glamping in Liege options in Spa. Enjoy the luxury of a fully equipped tent or cabin while discovering Spa's rich history and natural beauty.

    Camping in Spa

    5. Camping in Stavelot

    Stavelot is a jewel of the Ardennes, with its historic abbey and beautiful surroundings. Here you will find idyllic campsites in Liege, ranging from intimate farm campsites to comfortable camper van sites.

    Camping in Stavelot

    6. Camping in Malmedy

    If you love culture and tradition, Malmedy is the place to camp in Liège. Choose one of the local campsites to be fully immersed in the local folklore and lifestyle.

    Camping Malmedy

    7. Camping in 'De Hoge Kempen'

    If you are looking for an exceptional nature experience, the Hoge Kempen are a must. The campsites here are ideal for nature lovers looking for peace and relaxation. Waking up to birdsong at your motorhome site in Liège is an unforgettable experience.

    Camping Hoge kempen

    No matter whether you are looking for a traditional camping, a luxury glamping in Liege, a serene farm campsite or a picturesque camper or mobile home site in Liege, this region has it all. Discover the diversity and beauty of Liege and make your camping holiday an unforgettable experience. What are you waiting for? The adventure of camping in Liege awaits you!

    The ideal motorhome sites in Liège

    For campervan lovers, many campsites in Liège have excellent mobile home pitches. Remember to book in advance during high season so you can enjoy the wonderful campervan pitches in Liege this region has to offer.

    🚐Camper pitches Belgium

    Glamping near Liège: luxury in nature

    Glamping near Liège offers the perfect balance between comfort and nature. From luxurious bell tents to eco-friendly treehouses, there is a range of options that give you the feeling of camping in nature with all the comforts of a hotel.

    🏕Glamping Belgium

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    Activities and sights for your outdoor holidays in Liège

    Besides camping and glamping, Liège offers numerous activities for outdoor enthusiasts. The vast Ardennes forest, the unique flora and fauna of Les Fagnes and the panoramic views of Montagne de Bueren are just some of the sights not to be missed during your outdoor holiday in Liège.

    With a mix of traditional campsites, idyllic RV or motorhome parksluxury glamping options and countless outdoor activities, an outdoor holiday in and around Liège is every outdoor and camping enthusiast's dream. Whether you want to pitch your tent, travel by campervan or glamp in style, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience in this picturesque region.

    🌿Sustainable holidays in Belgium

    Practical tips for campsite in Liège

    Plan your trip well in advance, especially during high season, to ensure a smooth camping experience. Remember to check local camping rules and regulations to ensure your stay is as enjoyable and safe as possible.

    At Campspace, we believe in travelling sustainably and experiencing nature in a respectful way. We take you to the most pristine places in the countryside of Liège, where you can pitch your tent, enjoy the starry skies and experience the peace and tranquillity that only nature can offer. We encourage spending the night in nature, on private land or farms, to offer a unique, authentic and eco-friendly experience. Campspace is all about connecting with nature and the local community while enjoying the peace and beauty of the countryside in Liège. Experience the outdoors your way, without adding to the ecological footprint of tourism. At Campspace, you will find that unique camping spot that will make your holiday in Liège unforgettable.

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    Frequently asked questions about Campsites in Liège:

    1. What are the most popular campsites in Liège?

    At Campspace you will find a wide range of popular campsites in Liege, ranging from traditional tent pitches to luxury glamping.

    2. Can I go wild camping in Liege?

    Wild camping is generally not allowed in Belgium. But don't worry, Campspace offers many unique and natural places to camp in Liege.

    3. Do campsites in Liege also offer glamping options?

    Yes, definitely! You will find several glamping options in Liege on Campspace, from fully equipped tents to cosy treehouses.

    4. Do any campsites in Liege have special facilities for motorhomes?

    Absolutely, there are several campsites in Liege that offer special pitches and facilities for motorhomes. Check the information on Campspace for details.

    5. Is it possible to camp on farms in Liège?

    Yes, Campspace also allows you to spend the night on farms in Liège. It's a great way to experience rural life up close!

    6. What are the best campsites in Liege for families with children?

    Many campsites in Liege are family-friendly. You can filter by 'suitable for families' on Campspace to find the best options.

    7. Are pets allowed at campsites in Liege?

    This varies from campsite to campsite. Check Campspace for specific information on the pet policy of each campsite in Liege.

    8. What is the weather and climate like for camping in Liege?

    Liège has a temperate climate, with pleasant summers and cool winters. It is advisable to always check the weather forecast before your camping trip.

    9. Are campsites in Liege open all year round?

    Many campsites in Liege are open all year round, but some are seasonal. Check availability on Campspace for specific dates.

    10. What are the best activities and attractions near campsites in Liège?

    Depending on the location of your campsite in Liège, you can enjoy hiking, cycling, kayaking, visiting historical sites, or just relaxing in nature. Check the descriptions on Campspace for local tips.

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