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Campsites Liège

Looking for a campsite in the Belgian province of Liège? Here you will find the most beautiful unique locations for your tent, camper, caravan or van.

Nature in the province of Liège

Did you know that Liege is not only a city, but also a province? The province has the largest nature reserve in Belgium, called nature park The High Fens-Eifel. This nature park runs through both Belgium and Germany and for the most part it's a protected reserve. You will find all sorts of rare plant and animal species here and the area is ideal for hiking.

High Fens is not the only nature reserve in the province of Liège. In the west you will find the natural park of the Burdinale and Mehaignevalleys. In this nature reserve you will find the rivers Burdinale and Mehaigne, after which the reserve was named. You will find many castles and monumental old farms. This is also a wonderful area for walking and cycling.

Camping in Liege

With all the beautiful nature in Liege, it is of course the perfect destination for camping. You can explore this province with a tent, caravan, camper or van. Don't forget to plan a day trip to the historic city of Liege. Stay in the garden of nature and travel enthusiast Louis, for a real Campspace experience.

Looking for other beautiful campsites in Belgium, or for a nice glamping spot? Whatever you choose, you can't go wrong in Belgium. Enjoy the people, the outdoors and the culture in this interesting country.

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