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Find campsites in one of the provinces of Belgium

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    Looking for a campsite in the province of Namur in Belgium? From Dinant to Rochefort, plenty to see! At Campspace, you'll find mini campsites on private land, with local farmers and in backyards of nature lovers in Namur.

    Campsite Namur, Dinant

    As true camping enthusiasts, we like to share the best tips and information on camping in these beautiful Belgian destinations. Whether you are looking for an idyllic farm campsite, a comfortable camper pitch, an atmospheric glamping experience or just a cosy campsite in the middle of nature, Namur and Dinant have something for everyone. Dive into the world of camping in Namur with us and discover the most breathtaking campsites and places to enjoy the beauty of nature and local culture. Read on and get inspired for your next camping adventure in Namur and Dinant!

    Tips for camping around Dinant 

    1. Camping in Namur (city): Start your adventure in the bustling capital of Namur, where you can find a camping oasis right in the heart of the city. Discover campsites with all the amenities you need, while still being within walking distance of historic sights, lively terraces and shops. Camping in Namur offers a unique blend of city life and nature experience.

    🇧🇪 Camping near Namur

    2. Camping in Dinant: Located on the banks of the Meuse, Dinant is a picturesque place to camp. Enjoy stunning views of the impressive rock formations while relaxing on your camping pitch. Visit the Dinant Citadel and the Collegiate Church of Our Lady for a touch of culture during your camping holiday.

    🇧🇪Luc's mini-camping and cottage

    3. Camping in Rochefort: For lovers of cave adventures, Rochefort is the place-to-be. Camping in this region offers the opportunity to explore the famous Caves of Han-sur-Lesse. Also be sure to taste the delicious beer Rochefort is famous for, straight from the local breweries.

    🇧🇪 Farm campsite near Rochefort

    4. Camping in Molignée Valley: The Molignée Valley is known for its peaceful landscapes and picturesque views. Camp in this region and explore its green hills, picturesque villages and the river of the same name. Ideal for hiking and cycling enthusiasts who want to enjoy nature.

    🇧🇪 Small campsite in Molignee valley

    5. Camping in Maredsous: This region is known for its famous Maredsous Abbey, where you can camp amid historical heritage. Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and taste the artisanal cheeses and beers produced at the abbey.

    🇧🇪Chalet & camping near Maredsous & Dinant

    6. Camping on the Meuse: Conclude your camping adventure in the enchanting Meuse Valley. Discover campsites along the meandering Meuse River and enjoy a wide range of recreational activities such as kayaking, fishing and hiking.

    🇧🇪Camping near Dinant on the Meuse

    Campsite Namur, campsite Dinant

    Camping in Namur offers an unforgettable experience for anyone looking for peace, nature and adventure. With a variety of small campsites spread across the region, you can enjoy all that this beautiful place has to offer. Whether you want to camp in the heart of the city, among green hills or on the banks of the Meuse, Namur has something for everyone. So pack up your tent, caravan, camper or mobile home and get ready for an unforgettable camping holiday in Namur! 

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    Have you ever dreamed of a sustainable travel experience where you can camp in pristine places in the beautiful countryside of Namur? At Campspace, we can make that dream a reality! Forget crowded campsites and tourist hotspots; with us, you can enjoy intimate camping holidays at hidden gems surrounded by peace and serenity. These experiences are made possible by hospitable landowners who want to share their piece of nature with you. Sustainability is central to this, as we strive for a respectful and responsible approach to travel. So, if you are looking for an authentic camping experience in the unspoilt nature of Namur, discover the possibilities on Campspace now!

    Frequently asked questions about Campsites in Namur

    1. What are the most popular campsites in Namur?

    You will find a range of popular campsites in Namur on Campspace. Choose from a variety of natural sites and enjoy a unique camping experience!

    2. How can I book a campsite in Namur?

    It's easy! Visit Campspace, find your ideal campsite in Namur and book directly online. It's quick and easy!

    3. Which campsites in Namur are suitable for families?

    Many campsites on Campspace are suitable for families. Select 'family-friendly' in the filters to find the perfect campsite.

    4. Are there campsites in Namur with facilities for camper vans?

    Definitely! On Campspace you can find campsites with campervan facilities, such as electric hook-ups and sanitary facilities.

    5. What are the rates for camping in Namur?

    Rates vary from campsite to campsite. On Campspace you can clearly see the prices per night so you can make the best choice for your budget.

    6. Are pets allowed on campsites in Namur?

    Yes, many campsites welcome pets. Check the campsite information on Campspace to see if your pet is allowed.

    7. What activities are there in the vicinity of the campsites in Namur?

    The area offers plenty of activities: hiking, cycling, kayaking, and visiting historical sites. Ask the campsite host for tips!

    8. What is the best season to camp in Namur?

    Namur offers great camping experiences all year round! Every season has its charm, from the blooming spring to the beautiful autumn colours.

    9. Are there any campsites near places of interest in Namur?

    Absolutely! Campspace campsites are often close to places of interest such as castles, caves and picturesque villages.

    10. How sustainable are the campsites in Namur in terms of environmental friendliness and ecological practices?

    Campspace promotes sustainable travel and many campsites are environmentally aware. Check the campsite profiles to find out more about their ecological efforts. 

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