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The old town is full of history. You can find it in ancient facades in narrow streets or walk towards the impressive Big Market. Antwerp, a fantastic experience full of culture and good food. But among all this urban beauty you will also find Campspaces small camping spots. 

From your small campsite to the chocolatier 

From your small campsite you can cycle directly to the best chocolate maker or shop in the shopping streets of the beautiful city. Antwerp is one of the largest and most important cities in Belgium and is located in the Flemish speaking region of Belgium

Unwind on the small camping spot in the city 

Peaceful camping in or near the big city? Many of the Campspace camping sites around Antwerp are hidden and located in quiet areas. If you want to set up your tent or come with the campervan. This ensures a peaceful camping experience at the small campsites near the big city of Antwerp in Belgium.

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