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    Are you looking for campsites in Antwerp? Through Campspace you will find nice and unique places. From there, you can discover not only the city but also the entire region.

    Antwerp Campsite

    Are you a lover of camping holidays and looking for an unforgettable experience in the province of Antwerp? This region in Belgium has a lot to offer camping enthusiasts. From bustling cities to picturesque villages and beautiful nature reserves, Antwerp has something for everyone. In this article, we introduce you to the most beautiful keyword:452:small campsites] in Antwerp, so you can enjoy a great camping experience. Whether you go with a tent, camper, caravan or mobile home. Or are you looking for something more luxurious like glamping,or holiday home in Belgium. Antwerp has it all!

    The best campsite tips in the Antwerp region 

    1. Camping in Antwerp (city)

    Camping in Antwerp itself? Yes, you can! Discover the special charm of camping in the middle of the city. Close to all sights and yet surrounded by greenery. Several small campsites offer this unique experience. Enjoy an atmospheric camping holiday and discover the many cultural highlights the city has to offer.

    🇧🇪Camping in Antwerp

    2. Camping in Mechelen

    Mechelen, a charming city with a rich history, also has a few small campsites nearby. Stay at a quiet campsite and explore Mechelen's historic centre. Visit the Sint-Romboutskathedraal, stroll along the Dijle and enjoy the cosy atmosphere on the Grote Markt.

    🇧🇪Camping in Mechelen

    3. Camping in Kempen

    For nature lovers, the Kempen is a true paradise. This region offers a range of small campsites in the middle of beautiful nature. Surrounded by forests, heaths and fens, you can enjoy peace and relaxation. The Kempen is also ideal for cycling and walking tours, so you can explore the area to the full.

    🇧🇪Camping Hoge kempen

    4. Camping in Lier

    Lier, a picturesque town with its beguinage and cosy market square, has some lovely small campsites nearby. Camp in green surroundings and discover Lier's historical treasures. Cycle along the Nete and admire the impressive town hall on the Grote Markt.

    🇧🇪Camping near Lier

    5. Camping in Scheldeland

    Scheldeland is crossed by the river Scheldt and offers a beautiful setting for campers. Choose a small campsite on the banks of the Scheldt and enjoy the serene views. Discover the charming villages along the waterfront and take leisurely walks along the dykes.

    🇧🇪Small campsite near Scheldeland

    Small campsite closeby Antwerp

    Small campsite near Antwerp

    Whether you want to combine a city adventure with camping in Antwerp, explore nature in the Kempen region, or discover the charm of Mechelen and Lier, this region has something for everyone. Camping in Antwerp offers an unforgettable experience for everyone. Choose from the various small campsites scattered across the province and enjoy an authentic camping holiday.

    Discover the versatility of camping in Antwerp - from farm campsites to camper pitches, and from traditional camping to glamping. The most beautiful camping experiences await you in this beautiful region of Belgium!

    Frequently asked questions about Antwerp Campsite

    1. Are there campsites in Antwerp itself?

    Yes, you can camp in Antwerp itself! Discover the special experience of camping in the heart of the city on small campsites surrounded by greenery.

    2. What types of campsites are there in Antwerp?

    Antwerp offers a variety of campsites, from green farm campsites to riverside caravan sites. There is something for everyone!

    3. Can I camp sustainably in Antwerp?

    Absolutely! At Campspace, you can camp sustainably in pristine places in nature, such as private sites and farms.

    4. What are the most popular campsites in the Kempen region of Antwerp?

    The Kempen region has beautiful small campsites surrounded by woods and heathland. Discover the most popular spots via Campspace!

    5. How can I book a camping pitch on a farm in Antwerp?

    On Campspace you can easily book a camping spot on a farm in Antwerp. Choose your ideal spot and book directly online!

    6. Are there motorhome sites available in Antwerp?

    Yes, there are camper van pitches available in Antwerp. Enjoy the comfort of motorhome sites in beautiful locations.

    7. What activities and sights are there near the campsites in Antwerp?

    Near the campsites you can explore Antwerp's cultural highlights, hike, cycle, and enjoy local delicacies.

    8. Are dogs allowed at campsites in Antwerp?

    Yes, many campsites welcome dogs. Check the rules in advance at the specific campsite of your choice.

    9. What is the best season to camp in Antwerp?

    You can camp all year round, but spring and summer are popular seasons to enjoy the pleasant weather.

    10. How far are the campsites from Antwerp city centre?

    The distance from the city centre varies from campsite to campsite, but many campsites are easily accessible and still offer quiet surroundings.

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