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How does it work?

If you have a piece of land, a caravan on your terrain, a treehouse, a tipi or another cool spot, you can share it. Choose your own rules, price and availability. Your guests pay Campspace and the day after they check-in the money will be on your bank account. It is free of charge to rent out your land. You don’t need to pay commission or any other hidden costs. Guests pay a commission on the booking. With this we maintain and improve the platform.

In exchange for a free night a scout will come by to take professional pictures of your location.

Does my land or garden fit the criteria?

Everyone with a terrain can rent it out as a camping spot. From ‘bamping’ (back to basic) to ‘glamping’ (luxury camping). The diversity of camping spot is huge and there is a common goal: sharing the outdoors with each other. We all believe that the outdoors is key to a healthy and happy life.

The Campspace Community consists of a variety of campers. All whom have a respect for nature and are looking for an adventure.

How do I start renting out my location?

Making your spot available via the website takes mere minutes. Click on the button ‘Start renting out’. In only six steps you will be ready to share your garden or land. You choose your own price, rules and availability. Don’t forget to add some fun tips, the community will love that! We will personally help you make your listing as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Then you will be able to receive your first guests, it is that easy.

What our top hosts say

Being a host is incredibly fun because you can welcome guests for one or a few days and let them enjoy this special place.

When people from the city arrive here and get out of the car they get an overdose of oxygen.

I am happy when I am walking through the orchard in the morning and a traveler is already making a campfire for breakfast.

The holiday feeling of the campers also gives me a holiday feeling. I love that I can share my beautiful place with others.

The landscape around us is typically Dutch: green polder meadows, windmills, waterways and waterfowl. I want to share that with other people.

Free photography and first review

To maximise the chance that your spot will be booked we will send, with your permission, one of our Scouts to your campspace. Scouts are experienced campers with a passion for photography. In exchange for a free night, they will make beautiful pictures of your campspace and write a first review on your listing. As a result, other campers will know exactly what to expect when they arrive at your location.

How does Campspace work?

It is simple and free to make your land or garden available to the Campspace community. Within minutes you can publish your listing. You always have full control over your reservations:

  • Choose your own price (per person or per spot per night)
  • Choose when your campspace is available
  • Choose which bookings you accept
  • Receive your money within 24 hours after your guests checked-in

Find your sustainable getaway

Up to 95% CO2 reduction if you book a campspace adventure. Learn more

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