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Hammock camping sites

Hammock camping sites

Looking for hammock camping sites? You probably want to relax, and are thinking of your next holiday or weekend. Below is a list of campspaces where you can set your hammock up!

Hammock camping sites 

More and more people are discovering camping in a hammock, and for good reason. Hammocks are one of the easiest ways of camping because it's lightweight, easy to set up, you can take it anywhere as long as there’s some trees, and you can relax!  Furthermore, it’s a great way to keep kids entertained if you’re camping with kids. Check out our camping hacks article for more inspiration on how to make your camping experience easier!

Above are many campspaces surrounded by trees where you can easily set up your hammock. A fun activity is even walking around and finding the perfect spot for you and your hammock! Perhaps you don’t think of it that often but, the angle or placement of your hammock can influence for you trip! Do you want to catch the early sunlight? Are you traveling with friends? Do you have a double hammock for you and your partner? Have you ever tried bunk hammocking? Hammock over peaceful water? Also consider the tightness of your hammock and your back. There’s so many options! Choose to hammock with a beautiful view, or perhaps in a more secluded place. 

Recharge yourself in a fun way! Bring your book, your drawing materials or perhaps your device to listen to some podcasts. 

Your personal cocoon

In addition to the fact that camping in a hammock is incredibly relaxing and comfortable, it is also safer than sleeping on the ground. In a hammock, you are assured that no insects will crawl into your sleeping bag (eco-insect repellent is always an option, however). 

You also seem like you are floating and protected by everything from the outside world. You feel safe and cozy in your personal cocoon. Then in the morning, you can simply open up the hammock flaps and be welcomed by the sun.  To really ensure a good night's sleep, you can put a mat in your hammock for extra insulation and hang a mosquito net over the hammock against falling insects from the trees! Hammock camping is also ideal for rainy days as it’s very little to set up!

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