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Reconnect Outside



Camping in Flanders on private land

We all know this northern part of Belgium from Brussels and Antwerp, of course, but also Ghent. What is less known is the beautiful nature. Not only the Ardenne, but also around it are beautiful nature reserves. And let there be a number of camping spots very close to that to completely unwind from the daily stress. Working is not easy, so it is important to take a break from time to time and get out into nature.

Places you must see in Flanders

In April, the Hallerbos with its beautiful hyacinths is one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Flanders. Wonderful for a walk. Not to be missed, The High Fens, almost a natural wonder for the eye. You can still see peat formation here. If you visit it in winter, cross-country skiing is also great fun to do.

You wouldn't think so when you go to Belgium, but you can also enjoy the wonderful weather on the beach in Flanders. De Panne is the beach on the west coast. Very large and a beautiful view over the sea. Last, but certainly not the last place to visit, the Heuvelland. Here you will find large hills and forests with all kinds of different trees and flowers. If you are tired of the flat landscape of the Netherlands, this is the place to be!

Accommodation in Belgium

As you may have just read, the landscape of Flanders is the opposite of boring. The nature in this area is beautiful and diverse. This also applies to the camping pitches we offer in this region. From camping among the alpacas to spending the night in a cozy yurt or tent. What is particularly good in this region is to spend the night in nature. Many places offer a lot of space. You choose what kind of room you want to spend the night in. Do you opt for luxury, or do you opt for basics. Reconnect outside!

Whatever you are looking for, in Belgium the coolest adventures are there for the taking. View our special backyard camping spots in Flanders above. Are you looking for something different than special camping in Flanders? Could Romantic camping be something for you?

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