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Campspace glamping in Europe

Campspace glamping in Europe

Glamping is glamorous camping that combines luxury with nature! Find the most unique glamping spots in Europe on Campspace.

Campspace glamping in Europe

Glamping campsites in Europe

Glamping is the closest thing to traditional tourism and traveling methods. At glamping campsites, accommodation is provided, most facilities and resources are accessible for you, and the area is incredible. The difference is that glamping is way more sustainable. 

Not only can you camp with comfort and avoid bringing or renting your own gear, but you’re surrounded by nature. No nature is harmed for you to enjoy glamping compared to hotels that take up natural space and resources! 

Glamping near me

Have a look at our Campspace map to spot the glamping options near your house. Simply plug in the town or city you’re in and campspaces will pop up!

Luxury Camping

Put your foot in the door of the incredible camping world or simply enjoy a fully equipped sustainable getaway. These spots are the best of both worlds; you have the real camping experience in the midst of nature as well as comfort and the perfect amenities.

Far away from all the stress, what could be better than arriving at your location and having to do nothing but put your feet up and relax. Some of our hosts have saunas for example! "Mini glamping" is also possible such as staying in  tree houses, teepees, or gypsy wagons. Each type of accommodation serves their own type of luxury. This makes mini camping spots perfect for ultimate relaxation. 


Glamping Sites 

We are multiple hosts that are happily welcoming guests at their glamping sites. And if staying in a big tent with your favorite travel companions and beautiful nature wasn't enough, there are also the options of multiple activities. Go on an adventure and spot wildlife during a nice walk in the forest. Cycle around and explore the area. 

After spending all day exploring the forests or spotting aquatic animals you sit down for dinner and realize how incredibly enjoyable life can be. It’s all about reconnecting yourself to the local nature and people of your wonderful country. 

Are there perhaps too many options for you? Simply talk to your host of the campspace that you wish to visit. No need for Google Maps, simply ask our friendly hosts who know all about the area and learn about the best tips and activities. Go canoeing or paddle boarding, there are endless possibilities! Or if you want a more leisurely trip, ask about the best local cafes or restaurants where you can enjoy some soup or sandwiches. This way you can also see and experience the local culture.


If you’re looking for more back-to-basic camping, we also have options for that. But one thing is for certain. Your glamping experience awaits!

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