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Looking to camp in the forest? Below is a list of forest getaways for your weekend trip!

Camp in the forest

To camp in the forest is one of the most magical ways to go camping. Forests are home to so much life, and the trees have probably been standing for tens or maybe even hundreds of years! The best part is that we have amazing campspace options for you to experience a forestry weekend. 

Imagine waking up to golden rays of sunshine beaming through the treetops and leaves. Light is raining down on you. You make a cup of coffee and breathe in the oak and mossy scents of nature. Your problems become so small as you stand under the natural umbrellas. If you have long work days or weeks, we recommend going on a forest getaway.

Some of our hosts practice forest bathing and have sustainable lifestyles living in the forest. Boost your mental wellbeing and meditate while being surrounded by peaceful nature! Feel free to ask questions and they will be happy to give you insight.

Activities in the forest

When the scenery alone is enough to enjoy a relaxing camping trip in the forest, the activities you can do are a great addition! If you want to enjoy some physical well-being-focused activities, you can go for a hike while looking for wildlife! Forests are home to various types of birds, so bird-watching can be a fascinating activity. Rewarding too if you learn or know the different types! Go biking through the forest trails, just make sure to be careful if you choose to go off-trail and make sure you’re always with someone or they know where you’re going.

Go berry, fruit, or vegetable picking at our host’s food forest campspaces! Many of our hosts grow food forests and you can sleep among berry bushes and fruit trees. Wake up and eat fresh strawberries for breakfast! 

Our host, Samantha, even has an obstacle course in her food forest campspace!

Make sure to have a look at the different activities you can do around the area and you’ll guarantee, have a good time! 

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