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Camping in the Belgian province of Luxembourg

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Find campsites in one of the provinces of Belgium

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    Looking for a camping destination in the Belgian province of Luxembourg? Find the best campsites in Luxembourg on this page.

    Camping Luxembourg Belgium: the province

    The province of Luxembourg is one of the ten provinces of Belgium, located in the Walloon region.

    The main city of the province is Arlon, which is also the largest city in the Walloon region east of the river Meuse. The province of Luxembourg is also known for its rich historical heritage, including many medieval castles and remarkable archaeological sites.

    All in all, the province of Luxembourg is an ideal destination for lovers of camping, nature, history and travellers looking for tranquillity and authenticity.

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    Camping in the province of Luxembourg

    The province of Luxembourg is a popular destination for camping in Belgium, due to its atypical landscapes and friendly hôtes. There are many Campspace campsites in the province, offering a range of facilities and services for campers, from wild camping sites to campsites with pitches for caravans and motorhomes and accommodation already provided on site. The impressive landscapes of the province of Luxembourg offer endless possibilities for our nature lovers. However, you can also find campsites with facilities such as swimming pools and modern sanitary facilities, perfect for a camping trip with your whole family and children. You can also find sports fields, barbecues and some of our hosts also offer workshops and activities on site.

    Camping Campspace province du Luxembourg Belge

    Camping Luxembourg: bring your own tent

    It is quite possible to camp with your own tent in the province of Luxembourg, as there are many areas that offer pitches for individual campers or groups who wish to bring their own camping equipment. Our guest accommodation and camping pitches are often equipped with electricity connections, modern sanitary facilities, barbecue areas and campfire areas.

    At Damien's in Corbion in the Walloon region, visit his peaceful Bouillon campsite with your own tent, or hire our glamping tent for a luxury camping experience in Wallonia! Damien's guests can pitch their tents on the grassy meadow next to our stone house for a relaxing nature break. 

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    Camping Luxembourg: parking your motorhome

    The province of Luxembourg offers many places where road-trippers and drivers of motorhomes and vans can park safely for the night or for a longer period. Campspace hosts offer you their own garden or quiet area.

    At Damien's Koeune farm, you will find a quiet spot in the middle of the farm animals. There is also a barbecue area on the grounds where you can spend evenings with family and friends. You can also do activities on the farm such as golf or footgolf. You can camp at Damien's in a tent or with your own vehicle. Please note that this campsite is 100% natural, without water or electricity, a perfect way to reconnect with nature. 

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    Camping Luxembourg: finding accommodation on site

    The province of Luxembourg offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit all tastes and budgets, whether for a short stay or a longer period.

    Enjoy a stay in Nicolas' Jungle Camp. Come and relax in his camp located in the heart of Villers-Devant-Orval, a very quiet village located a stone's throw from the famous Orval Abbey. You will cook on the fire and take a bath in the open air by the light of the torches.

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    Camping Luxembourg Campspace

    Camping Luxembourg Belgium: the landscape

    The province of Luxembourg is characterised by its vast forests, green hills, winding rivers and charming picturesque villages. It is often considered one of the most picturesque regions in Belgium, offering beautiful natural landscapes and unique tourist attractions.

    Camping in the forest🌲 Camping near a river🚣

    Must-see activities when camping in Belgian Luxembourg

    The province of Luxembourg also offers plenty of opportunities for campers looking to connect with nature, including exploring the region's vast forests, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, or canoeing on the rivers. Culture lovers can also discover the region's rich historical heritage, including medieval castles and remarkable archaeological sites.

    The province of Luxembourg is an ideal destination for campers looking for peace and relaxation, as well as for outdoor enthusiasts looking to explore the region's nature and cultural heritage.

    Is Luxembourg not your ideal destination after all? Browse all Campspace campsites in Belgium!

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