Reconnect Outside

A breath of fresh air, feeling small between huge trees or a chat over a warm bonfire. Being outdoors does miracles, it makes you more active, more social and reduces stress your stress levels. Outdoors you reconnect with yourself, with nature and people around you.

At Campspace we are convinced that an active outdoor lifestyle is key to a healthy and joyful life

Campspaces are unique bivouac spots in the middle of nature. Whether it’s a countryside backyard or a romantic cabin in a forest, when booking with Campspace you are guaranteed to enjoy a unique location surrounded by nature. Our Campspaces are offered by nature lovers like you and me who are pleased share their outdoors with guests. Together with our hosts we make outdoors more accessible and personal.

Everyone on a campspace within half an hour

Easy access day and night in the open-air contribute to bring people more outdoors. Therefore, our objective is crystal clear; within 5 years you will never be more than 30 minutes away for one of our Campspaces. We achieve this by actively recruiting new Campspaces with our scouts and by paying our hosts 100% of their rental income.

Campspace brings true sustainable travel

Adventure is around the corner: You don’t need to fly around the globe to be a true adventurer, we make sustainable expeditions accessible for everyone.

Local community: Our Campspace sharing-platform gives everyone with an outdoor spot the opportunity to benefit from the growing tourism. Funds will flow back to the countryside instead of the shareholders of large international cooperates.

Organic instead of artificial: Our solution will enable nature lovers to be outdoors without plastic mass recreation-parks and concrete hotels.

True Friendships: We connect travellers with our hosts who are local citizens with active participation in the society who care about nature and others.

Find your sustainable getaway

Up to 95% CO2 reduction if you book a campspace adventure. Learn more

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