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Reconnect Outside

Breathe in the fresh air, feel small among the trees and catch up with friends around the campfire. Being outside does something special to you. It makes you more active, more social and less stressed. Get back in touch with yourself, nature and the people around you.

We believe in the freedom of nature, real human contacts and sustainable tourism

Campspace offers unique spots to spend the night in the middle of nature. From exclusive places on private land to extraordinary cabins in the forest. When you book a Campspace you can be sure that you will end up in a place where you can enjoy nature undisturbed. These places are offered by people like you and me, who like to share their own piece of land with others. This way, together with our hosts, we make outdoor experiences attractive, accessible and personal.

Everyone at a campspace within half an hour

By making getaways in the open air more accessible, people are more likely to travel more locally. That is why our goal is clear: everyone at a Campspace within half an hour. We achieve this by actively recruiting new places with the help of our scouts. We also pay out 100% of the rental income to our hosts.

Sustainable tourism is the future

We are proud to contribute to sustainable tourism together with our hosts. These are our main pillars:

  • Travel closer: transport represents more than 75% of CO2 emissions from the tourism industry. Thanks to our hosts, people can enjoy nature closer to home without the need for an airplane.
  • Sustainability on the location: our hosts are nature lovers. They take good care of their plot of land and ensure that their sites are sustainable. Think of water-saving, waste separation, promotion of biodiversity, and sustainable energy supply.
  • The greenest accommodations: camping with a tent is the most sustainable accommodation. An overnight stay in an eco lodge or camper can also result in six times less CO2 emissions than an overnight stay in a hotel.
  • Tourism revenue flows back into the local economy: we work with local hosts and they often work with local entrepreneurs.
  • Understanding other cultures: you don't have to travel all over the world for this. There are also cultural differences within national borders. By staying with people on their land you learn a lot about their habits, norms and values. There have already been beautiful encounters between our hosts and guests.

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