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    Are you looking for campsites in France? Below you will find an overview of all campspaces you can visit!

    Campsites France: a diverse holiday destination 

    Looking for a camping France? You're not the only one. France is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Europeans. Not only is it easy to get there by car in summer, it is also a great holiday destination in other seasons. Not to mention it has some of the most romantic campsites on offer in Europe! With the Thalys you reach several major cities with comfort and ease, after which you have connections to all kinds of nice smaller towns and camping spots. Not only is it an easily navigable country for cars and trains, France also has extensive cycle paths. This makes it a popular destination for bikepackers, road cyclists and recreational cyclists.

    Camping is in demand in France. Not surprisingly of course, as the weather is often good in France. In autumn you can usually still enjoy the sun and even in winter you still have the chance of nice mild temperatures on the south coast. Unfortunately, in France you will find many large mass campsites, where you have little privacy. Fortunately, Campspace has another offer for you. Here you will find places in nature, in people's backyards or at a farmer's farm. Here you can completely unwind and make contact with local landlords who are happy to share their piece of nature with you. 

    Camping France

    Campsite France: the landscape, nature and weather

    The landscape of France is diverse and surprising. From the lavender fields in southern Provence to the rugged coast in Normandy and the Pyrenees near the Spanish border, there is a piece of France to suit everyone's interests. Above, you already briefly read about France's mild climate. In winter, it can still go in all directions: temperatures range from 4 to as low as 20 degrees! This is why winter and autumn camping in France is very popular. You can enjoy the outdoors and recharge outside. In summer, the days are long and you can enjoy a glass of wine in front of your tent until late. 

    Campsites France in the countryside

    At Campspace you will find camping sites in the countryside. These are campsites France at its best! Have you ever camped on a farm? This is an absolute must. Not only can you admire and maybe even pet various animals, you can often also buy local produce. If you are travelling with children, this is highly recommended! 

    Campsites France near a farm

    Campsites France in Normandy

    In the north of France lies Normandy. Here you can explore the famous d-day beaches along the coastline and visit the photogenic Mont Sant-Michel. Because of its location in the North, Normandy is easy to reach from the Netherlands. Below is a list of some of our favourite campspaces in the region.

    Campsites France in Brittany

    When you drive a little further on from Normandy, you come to Brittany. The coastline with beautiful cliffs has great hiking trails. Are you familiar with the Douan trail along the Pink Granite Coast, for example? The town of Dinan is also worth a visit and don't forget Saint-Malo! This cute coastal town used to be a pirate stronghold and is located on a peninsula. Carnac and its menhirs are not to be missed either. Moreover, Brittany's capital, Rennes, is also definitely worth a visit. Apart from the nature and cities, you will find several forts and castles that once served as defences against the English. Excited by now? Here are some of our favourite Brittany campsites.

    • Lord of the rings fans take note: in Brittany you will find Silke and Jörg's campspace, with a Tolkien-inspired name.... 
    • Stay in Myriam's ecolodge, with a hot tub, sauna and stove, making this spot ideal for an adventure even in autumn and winter.
    • Planning a road trip? At Karine's campspace you are welcome with a caravan, camper van or motorhome.
    • Angelique's campspace among the trees is magical all year round, whether in autumn or spring!

    Nouvelle Aquitaine and other campsites France

    Nouvelle-Aquitaine has many extraordinary landscapes. From the rugged coastline to the Pyrenees mountains and the shady forests in the centre of the region. Of course, the city of historic Bordeaux is not to be missed and around the city, wine tasting at one of the many vineyards is an absolute must. Below we list a few of on

    Nouvelle Aquitaine and other campsites France

    Nouvelle-Aquitaine has many extraordinary landscapes. From the rugged coastline to the Pyrenees mountains and the shady forests in the centre of the region. Of course, the city of historic Bordeaux is not to be missed and around the city, wine tasting at one of the many vineyards is an absolute must. Below we list a few of our favourite campspaces:

    • Visit Peggy's campspace for luxurious and cosy glamping
    • At Martin's you can swim in a lake nearby and enjoy the peace and quiet.
    • At Paul's quiet farm you can admire all kinds of animals while staying in his tiny house. 
    • At Christelle and Jean Luc you can cool off under the trees at this small quiet campsite.

    Camping France

    Combine camping in France with fun activities

    When you visit a campsite France, you can enjoy local and unusual activities in the area. The diverse landscape means there is plenty to experience in France. From the beautiful hiking and cycling trails to the long coastlines where you can enjoy the water: in France you will find a fun activity for everyone. We would like to inspire you with some of our outdoor tips. 

    Campsites France: walking and hiking throughout the country

    There are an awful lot of hiking trails in France. You can challenge yourself with a hut hike in the mountains with lots of altimeters, or you can take it a little easier and hike from one vineyard to another. Santiago de Compostela is a popular destination for hikers, and much of the route here inevitably passes through France, of course. Enjoy nature while hiking one or two stages of the Camino Francés. During a Tour du Mont Blanc, you can brave the mountains and admire the wide views of the French Alps. 

    Campsites France: enjoy the water by the coast or inland

    In summer it gets hot in almost all regions of France, so it is nice to be able to cool off in a lake, river or in the sea. Where there is water, you can also do all kinds of fun activities. On the coastlines, for example, you can go kiting, surfing and swimming, but also consider beach sailing or paddle boarding. In inland France you will find all kinds of rivers for canoeing, kayaking and rafting. Go rafting and have a great adventure with your family that you won't forget in a hurry. The best locations for rafting? We recommend the river Durance in the south, or one of the many foothills of the French Alps. 

    Camping France: on a bikepacking adventure across the country

    The Netherlands is of course well known as a cycling country and Denmark has now also entered the fray as the country with the best cycle paths. Secretly, France has some of those too! Its many cycle paths make it possible to go on cycling holidays across the country. Whether you are looking for the challenge of high altitude metres, or just want to cycle on more flat terrain - in France you will come across all kinds of cycling paths. Check out Komoot's website to get inspired. Here you will find hundreds of cycle paths and recommended routes in France. 

    Campsites France: climbing, bouldering, via ferrata and mountaineering

    Most Dutch climbing fanatics and bouldering enthusiasts will know Fountainebleau. It has been called the bouldering hall of Europe. Because it is close to Paris (about 75 kilometres), nature lovers can also easily combine it with a city trip. However, real bouldering buffs will not be able to leave the region, as several bouldering areas are hidden in the forests of Fountainebleau. By now, many boulders are so worn out that the difficulty level tends to be disappointing, but of course this makes the challenge even more fun. Want to discover a different area for climbing and bouldering? Then check out Targassonne. This southern area has some great spots for bouldering.

    Have you tried via ferrata before? A via ferrata is a cable-protected route in the mountains. It is a kind of combination between climbing, hiking and bouldering. You don't need any climbing experience for it because you are securely attached, but you will definitely get an adrenaline kick out of it. In France, you can find several routes in the Alps, but you will also find several challenging routes in the Montagne in the Pyrenees.

    All regions for campsites France at a glance

    🇫🇷 Normandy 🇫🇷 Brittany 🇫🇷 Nouvelle-Aquitaine

    🇫🇷 Occitania 🇫🇷 Burgundy 🇫🇷 Hauts-de-France

    🇫🇷 Pays de la Loire 🇫🇷 Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

    🇫🇷 Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

    Camping in France is always a good idea as you’re surrounded by beautiful nature and the great weather. When choosing campsites in France, you choose a real local experience. For example, you can explore all the charming villages and see the beautiful coast in the south of France or in the north in Normandy. Écrins National Park is also a beautiful location with enormous height differences in landscapes. Hike through the mountains or relax on the coast. There’s endless options and all of them are amazing!

    Campsites in France

    So what makes choosing campsites in France so special? The country is so diverse and you often fall in love with the atmosphere. Relax in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and have no crowds around you. Bring your own tent or choose an accommodated place. Our hosts have various options to choose from so that you can be both comfortable and happy. 

    North, East, South West, check out our long list of campsites in France and discover your own Campspace experience. Whether you’re a mountain hiker, forest hiker, lake kayaker, a leisurely traveler or an adrenaline junkie, France is certainly an option for you. Go see Europe's tallest sand dune, or even climb to the top of Dune du Pilat. The dune is exposed to a seafront location and steep slopes which gives travelers the option to fly and go paragliding. You can have access to all these outdoor experiences simply by choosing to go camping.

    Tip: Ask your hosts for what the best bakeries in town are, or perhaps where you can challenge yourself to a lovely mountain hike. Try out the local wine, bread and other culinary treats. 

    So what are you waiting for? Our French hosts are welcoming you with warmth, so is the weather and nature. 

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