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Campsites with campfire facilities

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Looking for a campsite with a campfire? Warm up by these campfires no matter the season. Please be mindful - scroll to read our campfire disclaimer.

Campspace campfire statement

We ask you to use campfires sparingly! Please read our campfire statement before planning your campfire activities.

Building a campfire at your campsite

Many campsites have a designated area where you can light a campfire. Of course, talk to the host to find out what the rules are. Lighting a campfire is of course one of the many activities you can do while camping. Of course, it is important to think about the footprint you leave behind. There are many ways to be a sustainable traveler while still having fun. Scroll down how you can sustainably add cosiness to your campfire. 

Cosy up by the campfire, enjoying the quiet crackle of the flames and having deep conversations. You warm your hands by the fire and smell the delicious aroma of crusty bread. Camping with a campfire is pure conviviality. Maybe someone has brought a guitar and you can sing the campfire classic Wonderwall by Oasis together. This is what the perfect evening of a camping holiday should look like.

If you decide to light a campfire while at a Campspace, please consider its impact on the environment, your own health, and that of other guests.

Campsites with campfires in Europe

Campfires are a longstanding tradition associated with camping. Historically, campfires have been a way to socially bond, warm up, cook food and carry out rituals. Nowadays you'll see most people sharing stories around a fire, singing songs and roasting marshmallows. Campsites with campfires create a cosy mood that can make camping an event to look forward to no matter the season.

Whether you are camping in a tent, your motorhome or campervan, in a hammock or glamping, a campfire is for all types of outdoor enthusiasts. Bring a blanket, get cosy and stay warm while breathing in the crisp night air. 

Of course, make sure to brush up on your basic camping safety rules. Be sure to respect the area’s regulations and your host’s rules around making a campfire. 

🔥Tips & tricks how to make a sustainable campfire

campfire on the campsite

Campfire cooking experience at your campsite

“Food always tastes better when it’s cooked over a campfire”. The combination of eating food that has been cooked over wood and natural smoke, and the effort needed to make a meal after a long day, make eating a campfire cooked meal a rewarding experience.

Experiment or test your culinary skills and cook your camping breakfast, camping lunch, and camping dinner!

Enjoying a campfire with kids

If you also have kids, it’s a great way to teach them about fire safety, but also bond with them by the campfire. They can sit and draw, sing, or even roast marshmallows! For anyone with a sweet tooth, there are some amazing campfire desserts you can make. For example, put some pieces of chocolate in it in a banana, wrap it up in tin foil, and bake the banana over the fire. A quick and easy, delicious treat! 

So what are you waiting for? Your cosy campfire experience is on the horizon! If campsites with a private bathroom are more important for you when camping, we've got campsites with amenities to suit everyone.

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