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Gamping: camping in the garden

Gamping: camping in the garden

Gamping: the new trend of camping in complete privacy. Find the right gamping for you on Campspace.

What is gamping? 

Gamping is a concept that combines the words "garden" and "camping". It is a practice of home camping, where campers are allowed to set up their tent or caravan in someone's garden for a small fee or in exchange for services.

Gamping is a cost-effective alternative to traditional campsites and also offers a more local and authentic experience, allowing campers to meet locals and discover undiscovered areas.

Gamping is also a way for garden owners to make the most of their outdoor space and share their love of nature and hospitality with visitors.

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What are the particularities of gamping? 

Gamping has several features that distinguish it from traditional camping:

  1. Location: Unlike traditional campsites, gamping pitches are located in the private gardens of the owners, offering a more local and authentic experience.
  2. Size: Giant campsites are often smaller than traditional campsites, but still offer enough space for a tent or caravan.
  3. Amenities: Amenities may vary from gamping site to gamping site, but in general, campers have access to an electrical outlet, water point and toilet. Showers and kitchen facilities may be shared with the owners.
  4. Costs: Gamping rates are generally lower than traditional campsites, and can vary depending on the region, the amenities offered, and the length of stay.
  5. Exchange of services: In some cases, hosts may ask campers to help with gardening or farm work in exchange for their accommodation. This allows campers to discover new activities and immerse themselves in the local culture.


Why is gamping popular? 

Gamping: an authentic experience

Gamping offers campers a more local and authentic experience than traditional campsites, as pitches are located in the private gardens of the owners. Gamping gives you access to new places: gamping pitches are often located in places that are unknown to tourists, offering campers a unique and original experience. Finally, camping with locals facilitates cultural exchange. In some cases, backyard owners may offer campers the opportunity to participate in local activities or learn about their culture in exchange for their accommodation, providing a more immersive travel experience.

Gamping: a greener alternative

Lower costs Gamping rates are often lower than traditional campsites, allowing campers to save money on their travel budget.  Gamping can be a greener alternative to traditional camping, as it allows campers to reduce their environmental impact by using shared resources and immersing themselves in local life.

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What are the different types of gamping?

There are several types of gamping:

  • Nature gamping: This type of gamping takes place in gardens in the middle of nature, such as forests, mountains or meadows, offering a nature camping experience.
  • City gamping: City gamping takes place in urban gardens, offering an urban camping experience. This allows campers to discover areas that are unknown to tourists and to enjoy an original travel experience.
  • Homestay: Homestay camping takes place in the homes of garden owners, who offer campers a place for their tent or caravan in exchange for a small fee or services.
  • Farm gamping: Farm gamping takes place on farms or agricultural holdings, offering campers a farm life experience and the opportunity to participate in agricultural activities.
  • Eco-responsible gamping: Eco-responsible gamping takes place in gardens that respect the environment and the principles of sustainable development, using renewable energy sources, promoting waste separation, etc.

Each type of gamping offers a different experience, allowing campers to choose the one that best suits their interests and travel style.

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Our favourite gamping sites on Campspace

Top 5 gamping spaces in France: 

1. Gamping at the castle 

Spend the night in the garden of a magnificent 16th century castle in the Vexin Normand.

Book Paul-Arnaud's campspace

2. Camp at Patricia's 

In Montholier, Burgundy-Franche-Comté, Patricia welcomes you to spend a quiet stay in her garden. 

Book Patricia's campspace

3. Inspiring holidays near a permaculture garden

Permaculture is a subject close to our hearts at Campspace. Read our blog about our guests who have implemented permaculture in their daily lives: 

Sustainable hosts, permaculture and camping

An inspiring and peaceful campsite in the heart of the Vosges forest, in Claudon.

Booking Christophe's campspace

4. Josette's garden

At Joske's, spend a stay in an old farm in ecological transition!

Book Joske's campspace

5. Garden? Meadow? Paradise? 

A 400m2 garden awaits you at Yves' home in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes! Imagine: the comfort of a night in glamping and a stay in a guest house but in a garden? This is what you will find in Champagneux. 

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Top 3 gamping sites in Belgium:

1. The garden near Tomorrowland

Located at 3km from Tomorrowland festival in the province of Antwerp, Ivo welcomes you in his garden for a good night's sleep and all the comfort you need after dancing all night!

Book Ivo's campspace

2. The garden of the Gerny Workshops 

For a rejuvenating stay, stop by Laetitia and her family with your caravan, tent, or camper.

Book Laetitia's campspace

3. Le jardin des Toiles

A wild garden with all the comforts of a classic campsite: that's what Françoise offers you in Gedinne, Belgium. 

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Is gamping not the type of camping you are interested in? Take a look at all the different types of campsites that Campspace offers: 

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