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Nature Camping in France

Nature Camping in France

Looking for nature camping in France? Below is a list of the perfect campspaces for you to enjoy!

Camping in nature in France

If you want to go camping, luckily for you there’s so many nature campsites in France you can go visit and feel relaxed. France is home to natural wonders that are just waiting to be explored! From the majestic mountains of the Alps, to the scenic coastlines or luscious countryside. Experience it all with amazing weather and incredible food! 

The country is so diverse, and you often fall in love with the atmosphere. Whether you’re pitching a tent, hanging up a hammock or glamping in the forest, feel at peace to delve yourself into the local French culture. If you ask your host, they will be happy to help you out. They can give you tips on where the best bakeries in the area are, or what the most recommended activities are! 

Nature camping activities

No matter what, when you’re camping in France in nature, you have to make a culinary camping experience out of it! Try out one of our camping breakfast meal ideas and adjust it to the ingredients and local food you have access to! However, food is certainly not the only thing this beautiful country has to offer. 

If you’re near a body of water, enjoy the warm climate and go swimming, kayaking, or boat around! There’s nothing better than to have the sun on your face, the view of the beautiful water and nature all around. You can hear splashing, some birds singing, and maybe some other animals! Go wildlife watching and spot wolves or deer from a safe distance. Are you in the mountains? Perhaps you can spot wild boars or different types of birds. Practice a bit of sustainability and fish for your own dinner, or forage some edible plants to make your own salad. Have a look at our foraging guide if you’re a beginner!

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