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Romantic Getaways

Romantic Getaways

Looking for romantic getaways for you and your partner? Below is a list of campspaces you can go to, to have a lovely time.

Romantic weekend getaway 

Want a unique romantic experience that’s cozy and intimate? Has it been some time since you’ve chosen to do something together outside of the city, or perhaps you want to spend your money right? Can I find a romantic weekend getaway near me? Of course! Campspace has the best unique experiences for you and your partner to enjoy, all while being out in beautiful nature. Nature itself has love in the air!

Allow yourself and your partner to experience a nice and relaxing weekend away, yet close to your home. Not only will you strengthen your relationship to each other, but to nature as well! Camp with privacy in unique places, whether its in your own tent or camper or in campspaces with accommodation perhaps! Luxury glamping for two? Definitely all possible.

A romantic getaway in nature

Imagine waking up next to your partner in a cozy cabin to the sound of the birds singing, make some fresh coffee together, and start an amazing day out in nature alone. You step out the door, you look around you and it seems the whole world is standing still for a moment. It's a feeling like no other.  In the evening you light a campfire, and throw a blanket over yourselves as you watch the sunset. The hosts of these places will leave you alone, because privacy is exactly what you are looking for. However, they are always happy to give you some tips if you ask what kind of activities you can do together!

Make a fire and enjoy the sunset together, or cycle and walk through the romantic forests. Make dinner for two in an environment where you have never eaten dinner together, the open and wide nature. Everything feels so much purer because it is just you and your partner. With a host who gives you all the privacy you need. Go on an adventure together and discover the romantic side of nature.

Tips for a romantic campspace trip

Romance is different for each couple, however, here is a list of tips that can hopefully inspire you to make the most out of your romantic getaway: 

  1. Bring candles: lighting candles are always very romantic, bring a classic atmosphere-changing product with you and make it feel like home! Make sure that the top of your tent is open, so there’s no risk of burning your tent and only light the candles near fire pits. It won’t be as romantic if you start a forest fire!

  2. Make a campfire: fire always sets the mood and makes things cozy. Make a fireplace and roast some marshmallows together!

  3. Bring or know some games: there are various word games like 20 questions or eye spy or bring a deck of cards. Choose games you both would like to do or try learning!

  4. Cook together, or prepare something for your spouse: want to show off your culinary skills, or do you want to enjoy time together while cooking? Food is always a great way to bond with others. Bring bamboo utensils, and make some fun meals! Here is our camping meals special edition, for some inspiration. 

  5. Last, but not least, flowers: everyone can appreciate some flowers! Perhaps pick a fresh bouquet of wildflowers from the local area, the gesture is always romantic. 

So, there you go! Camp with romance! Need some more inspiration? Here are some romantic campsites in the Netherlands!

If romance isn't your thing after all. We also have many other camping sites, such as pet-friendly campsites. Campspace is happy to help you find the right mini-camping. Book a special camping experience now!

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