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What are guests saying about campsites in Friesland, Netherlands

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    Camping in Friesland

    Are you a nature lover? Then camping in Friesland should really be one of the items on your bucket list! This province has six regions, with each offering a different adventure.

    Visiting the Wadden Islands is a different adventure than the well-known tropical islands. Endless beaches, pure sea air, mussel beds, and dunes. Whether you go hiking or cycling, everyone enjoys it in their own way. The Wadden Islands are becoming increasingly popular and that goes without saying. It has even been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Cool right? If you want to go here, it is recommended to do so in spring.

    Leeuwarden, also known as the European Capital of Culture, is also one of the regions. Do you prefer to avoid crowds? Do you like cozy and clear? Then you will find Leeuwarden super fun! And the culinary hotspots make your trip to Leeuwarden complete. The city, with its completely different infrastructure, is full of centuries-old history.

    Northeast Friesland is the ideal place for people who like peace. Northeast Friesland is known as the end of the world for its beautiful nature and source of pleasure. There are numerous attractions, such as Lauwersmeer National Park, where unprecedented, authentic flora, birds, and other animals can be found. What an experience to have seen that.

    Northwest Friesland is also one of the regions. Here you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes and space. A day at the beach in Harlingen? Cycling and walking along the Wadden coast? You are in the right place here. View mummies? Yes, that is also possible here, since Wiuwert has her own mummies. In the Nicolaaskerk are four centuries-old mummies. Do you dare to take a look?

    Southeast Friesland is a favorite of bloggers. The deep purple moors and ancient trees form a breathtaking place full of Instagrammable spots. But also the outdoor enthusiast will feel at home here because of the fun activities, such as horse riding, boating, and cycling. If you are here, don't forget to visit The Deelen nature reserve. Here two nice hiking trails lead you along the water with special bird species, among other things.

    Do you like water? Then Southwest Friesland will become one of your favorite places. Here you can do all kinds of water sports activities. It is therefore also known as the paradise for water sports enthusiasts. But you can also go here for quieter holidays. Here you can get nice and zen by enjoying nature, silence, and nice places. Ideal with your family or friends.

    Alluring campings in Friesland

    Are you also ready for a grand trip full of variety? Then camping in Friesland is the solution for you! The diversity in nature and activities guarantees a fun adventure. And do you know how to enjoy nature the most? By camping. Below you will find some campspaces in Friesland that will make your trip half complete. Only a good camera and transport needed, and you are all set to go.  

    Do you want to discover Leeuwarden? Then you can spend the night at this campspace. Not only can you enjoy all the surrounding greenery, but you can also cycle to the center in just fifteen minutes.

    This campspace lets you experience a fun adventure. It is 10 km from the beach where you can surf and swim. It is also located along the cycle route from Wieringen to Texel. Fancy an active holiday? Then you have to be here.

    Camping with animals? Then you can go to this campspace. You can not only enjoy the environment here but also pet the pigs. It is also possible to rent a tandem or bicycles at this campspace. If you go camping between May and September, you can also enjoy the strawberries that the hosts grow.

    Would you like to camp in Friesland close to the IJsselmeer beach? This campspace is about four km from the beach. Do you also want to wander through the alleys of Workum? The pleasant center is no less than one and a half km away.

    Here there are also fun activities to do such as cycling, fishing, and canoeing. There is also an ice cream farm one km away.

    Camping in Friesland along a pond? This campspace brings you and nature together. Enjoying the fish in the pond, hearing birds chirping, staring at stars in the evening. This is all possible. There is also a barrel sauna that you can use for a fee. Nice, is not it?

    Would you like to visit one of the other regions in Friesland? Discover more campspaces in Friesland.

    Friesland offers beautiful nature, so besides camping there is plenty to do. Take a nice walk or go windsurfing on the IJsselmeer.

    Campspace and the hosts want you to camp on special camping spots on small campings. From the northern of the Netherland to the south of Europe.

    Looking for special Campspaces in another province of the Netherlands? Perhaps camping on a small camping in North-Brabant is something for you.


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