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Campsites in Portugal

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    Are you looking for a campsite in Portugal? Here you will find an overview of all campspaces you can visit!

    Campsites Portugal

    At Campspace, you will find the most beautiful and unique campsites in Portugal. The campsites are all small-scale and far away from the crowd. The campsites are nice and basic but fully equipped. That way you can completely relax and reconnect with the people around you and nature. That really recharges you. In the Netherlands, we strive to always offer a site 30 minutes from your home. This is of course more difficult in Portugal, but we want to challenge you to get to Portugal in the most sustainable way possible, for example by taking the train. After that, you can also travel in Portugal by train or use a bicycle. Taking a walking tour through Portugal is also beautiful! Bring your own tent or go glamping

    This country is extremely popular among travelers who travel by motorhome. This is because until recently you were allowed to camp wild in Portugal. Unfortunately, this is no longer allowed, but at our motorhome pitches it also feels like you are camping in the wild. Time to get sun-kissed and enjoy the beautiful Southern European country and book some campsites in Portugal.

    Camping in Portugal

    Many people camp on the coast in Portugal. You should definitely see the beautiful rocks along the coast. And a dive in the Atlantic Ocean is certainly not wrong. If you like surfing, you will enjoy yourself here. But did you know that the interior of Portugal is also beautiful and very suitable for beautiful cycling and walking tours? In addition, there are also beautiful places where you can go canoeing, horseback riding, fishing and much more. For us, that is what camping in Portugal is. In addition, you can really relax at the end of the day because the campsites are so quiet and peaceful. With the sun on your head, you become fully aware of the beautiful and simple things in life.

    If you were looking for a sign to book campsites in Portugal, this is it! Enjoy the freedom of being in Portuguese nature.

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