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Campsites in Belgium

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Find campsites in one of the provinces of Belgium

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    Looking for campsites in Belgium? Below, you will find an overview of all campspaces you can visit!

    Campsite Belgium for everyone: from back to basics to luxury accommodation in nature

    Do you love camping and are looking for a Campsite Belgium? Campspace's campsites are not just any campsites. They are small campsites in the middle of the most beautiful gardens, orchards and nature reserves. Many of the sites are on the own land of landlords, who are happy to share their piece of land with others so they can enjoy it too. It is important to us that, during your stay on a Campspace, you find peace of mind through contact with yourself, nature and the people around you. All our Campspaces are away from the crowds and small-scale, occasionally even having a site all to yourself. We also like to offer you a local experience, so you can find a Campspace nearby and therefore do less damage to the environment, by reducing the travel distance. Want to read more about how to holiday sustainably in Belgium? Then read our blog.

    Campsite Belgium

    Campsite Belgium: The diverse and challenging landscapes of our southern neighbours

    Whereas the Netherlands is, of course, almost entirely flat, Belgium has a more varied landscape. From the rolling parts near the Dutch border with Limburg, to the mountains of the Ardennes towards the French border and the coastlines on the North Sea. So you have campsites here surrounded by very different types of nature. Depending on what you are looking for, each area has something different to offer. Below is a list of the different provinces in Belgium:

     🇧🇪 Campsite Namur 🇧🇪 Campsite Antwerp  🇧🇪 Campsite Walloon Brabant  🇧🇪 Campsite Hainaut  🇧🇪 Campsite Liege  🇧🇪 Campsite East Flanders  🇧🇪 Campsite West Flanders  🇧🇪 Campsite Luxembourg  🇧🇪 Campsite Flemish Brabant

    Want a slightly larger search area? You can find it here:

    🇧🇪 Campsite Wallonia  🇧🇪 Campsite Flanders

    What kind of campsite Belgium suits you?

    Top 3 Campsites Belgium for a campervan or motorhome

    Have you ever heard of a campervan? Among people in their twenties and thirties, these converted vans are very popular. With the housing market making it difficult to buy their own home, some choose to buy a campervan and convert it themselves into a small house on wheels. With this, they have the freedom to work as a digital nomad, or if that is not possible, to be able to go out every weekend and get into nature. Another advantage is that it is easier to find a parking space for a campervan than for a larger one. Of course, campervans have more space and therefore offer just a little more comfort. Whether you own a campervan or motorhome yourself or rent one from time to time, if you're looking for a campsite Belgium for your campervan or motorhome, Campspace has a wide range of choices. 

    1. Els & Filip's campspace even has a swimming pool and sauna!

    2. Ruth's campspace is part of a blueberry plantation.

    3. This mini campsite is located in the farming landscape of the Flemish Region.

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    Top 3 Campsites Belgium for your own tent

    Do you have your camping equipment just lying around in the attic? Of course, that makes it very easy to go out on weekends or holidays. It doesn't have to be a big undertaking at all, as you can easily discover new places by car without driving far, and even by public transport or by bike, you can easily find an adventure near you with a lightweight tent. In Belgium, the landscapes are varied and a bonus is of course that you are usually not on the road for hours from the Netherlands. Our southern neighbours have the most beautiful camping spots, private and in nature.

    1. Pitch your tent at Lode and Wini in their ecological garden.

    2. Erik's campspace has its own forest surrounding a quiet meadow for your tent.

    3. Caroline's campspace is not far from Bruges. Ideal for a city break while still staying in nature.

    Top 3 Campsites Belgium with glamping 

    Do you like a bit more luxury while camping? Glamping stands for glamorous camping. Think Harry Potter, where the beds and other furniture can be found in the tent: it also provides a magical experience. You can camp this way, while not sacrificing comfort in any way. In Belgium, we have a wide range of glamping tents and yurts. Not only is it great fun to go on a glamping adventure with your partner, it is also great to give as a gift to a family member, friend or loved one who deserves to recharge in nature. Do you need a bit more inspiration for your glamping trip in Belgium? Check out our glamping in Belgium guide.

    1. At Suzie's campspace you will find a beautiful luxury glamping tent.

    2. At Jolanda's impressive spot you can glamp and also take mountain biking, supping or yoga classes.

    3. The yurt by Jan's campspace is comfortable and tastefully decorated.

    🇧🇪 Find all glamping spots in Belgium here 

    Top 3 Campsites Belgium with a tiny house or nature cottage

    From the Ardennes to the coast, Belgium has many beautiful landscapes that lend themselves to cosy hidden cottages in nature. With a tiny house or nature cottage in Belgium, you can enjoy the outdoors all year round. You don't have to worry about the weather, as you can always retreat to your comfortable cottage. 

    1. We heartily recommend this cosy chalet by Raf.

    2. Check out these awesome cottages in the woods from host Jaak!

    3. In Wallonia you will find this cute little house from host Edith.

    Top 3 Campsites Belgium for a caravan

    Do you have your own caravan? Then find a campsite Belgium to go to. You'll have your own little house on wheels with you, which means you'll pay many times less for your overnight stay than in a hotel. Moreover, you can of course park your caravan on a camping space in the middle of nature. Belgium is perfect for caravan campers, as the roads are good and there is plenty of nature to enjoy. 

    1. Take your caravan to Hendrik's private forest in the Flanders region.

    2. Jean-Luc's campspace is in the Walloon Region and has the possibility of making a campfire.

    3. At host Piet you can pitch your caravan in the beautiful Heuvelland countryside.

    Campsite Belgium tent

    Combine camping Belgium with fun outdoor activities

    Camping Belgium: climbing and bouldering in the mountains

    Stay at Luc's Chalet Rosée, which is not far from the impressively located town of Dinant. In this area, you can find climbing routes in several locations. Are you more into bouldering than top roping? Then consider the Belgian town of Izier. Here you will find a variety of routes in various levels of difficulty.

    Campsite Belgium: the most beautiful hiking trails in the area

    Do you know the Belgian coastal route from Knokke-Heist to De Panne? Because Belgium actually only has a coastline of about 65 kilometres, the walking route that runs along the coast is easy to hike in a few days. You can follow the junctions, taking you past the Flemish coastal towns. 

    The GTA (Grand Traversée des Ardennes) is a route that runs right through the Ardennes. For hikers, it is an approximately 7-day hike totalling 153km. You pass castles and old historical sites, making it an impressive hike. 

    The Pajottenland is sometimes called the Tuscany of the Low Countries. With its sloping landscapes and cosy villages, you can fully enjoy your walks here. Moreover, at the end you can treat yourself to a delicious Flemish beer on tap! Stay at Felix's campspace while you enjoy the landscape.

    Need some help picking out the best hiking gear? 

    Then read our blog

    Campsite Belgium: exploring the country by bike

    Via Komoot, you can find many cycling routes in Belgium, whether you are a racing cyclist who wants a challenge in the mountains, or a recreational cyclist who wants to enjoy the countryside leisurely. One of the routes we recommend is the abbeys route. This long-distance route of over 1,600 kilometres, connects no fewer than 31 different abbeys, each brewing an abbey or Trappist beer. You can do a small part of the route, or challenge yourself and do the whole route during a holiday at our southern neighbours. Either way, you're sure to enjoy a refreshing beer along the way! 

    Campsite Belgium: surfing and other water sports

    Belgium's short coastline is home to a lot of kite surfing. This sport has a close-knit community spirit, as the wind and waves can sometimes be surprising and dangerous. As a result, athletes always keep an eye on each other. The Belgian coast has around 10-15 popular kitesurfing spots, which often have different rules than in the Netherlands. So make sure you look up the local rules before heading out. 

    Not only kitesurfing is becoming increasingly popular in Belgium, other water sports such as sailing, wakeboarding and kayaking are also finding a growing audience among our southern neighbours. A fun activity to try out during your camping adventure in Belgium is rafting. From several rivers running through the Ardennes, you can make cool rafting trips. This is possible at the rivers Ourthe and Ambleve, among others. Warm up when you return at a campfire, where you can share stories about your adventure. 

    Want to try something different? You can stay at Jolanda's campspace and go supboarding here! In our blog, you can read about the experience of Julie and her friends when they stayed here for a night in a luxury glamping tent. 

    Then read our blog

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