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Family Camping

Looking for a family camping experience? Below are a list of campspaces for you and your family to enjoy!

Family Camping

Family camping

What better way to spend time with your family is there than to have fun outside in the beautiful nature and go camping? Big and small families are welcome to enjoy a local and nature-rich holiday! Some of our hosts have playgrounds or outdoor play areas specifically for kids to enjoy, but all our hosts have all the nature for everyone to explore.

It’s always so nice to bond with your family over a dinner by the campfire, sports activities or games! Get creative and make the best campfire breakfasts, lunches or dinners. Need inspiration? We have created a list of campfire meal ideas for each meal! A fun activity could be fishing, and perhaps you’ll catch your own dinner for the day.

Family activities

Activities to as a family are various, but perhaps the best camping activities are to go cycling and explore the nature together! Kayaking, canoeing, or boating around are also great options, bring some snacks or enjoy a picnic out on the water. 

For less active activities, other ideas are to bring Kubb, a deck of cards or maybe a beach volleyball if you’re camping by the beach. If you want to know about what to bring on your next camping trip, check our article on camping hacks which will make your camping experience easier! There’s some camping hacks if you have kids as well. 

Your hosts will be very happy to answer any questions or give you tips on what the best activities are to do in the area. If you’re camping nearby a town, they can recommend the best ice cream parlour or restaurant to go check out!

So there you have it! Your next family camping trip are just a few clicks away!

Want to have a bit more luxury? Go glamping! Prefer staying in the middle of nature? Choose camping in the forest, camping near the beach or farm campsites near you! Staying at a lake campsite is a good idea too. Really into sustainability? Have a look at our eco-campings.

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