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The best staycations in Benelux

Staycations are becoming the next best thing due to constantly changing COVID restrictions. With limited options left, staying within your borders is not only becoming the new normal, it’s also the most sustainable and affordable way to enjoy a vacation.


Solo staycation: challenge accepted!

Wondering whether travelling solo is something for you? Challenge yourself and start small by planning a solo staycation in your own country.

Attracting domestic travellers to your campspace

Attracting domestic travellers as a campsite or campspace host can be challenging, so to help you tackle changing demand, here are some tips and tricks to engage your domestic market, which will undoubtedly continue to grow into 2022.


How to get the most out of domestic travel

Millions of people have rediscovered the beauty of domestic travel as a result of Covid restrictions. The rise of domestic travel appears to have inspired a renewed appreciation for all the wonderful things just within arms reach.

Planning an adventure trip in your campervan

Are you up for adventure travel and exploring in a campervan? Then you’ve come to the right place: this guide is all you need to plan a successful adventure trip in your campervan, courtesy of Campspace van-lifers Rick and Laura, aka Simply Nomads.

How time outdoors impacts family relationships

If the dizzying demands of the holidays get you down this season, go outdoors - enjoy quality time with your loved ones, strengthen your family bonds and improve on your mental and physical health.

Sustainable Sinterklaas

Planning on enjoying Sinterklaas this year? Then check out these sustainable, eco-friendly ways to celebrate the holiday – share with your family and friends and consider implementing these tips into your Sinterklaas surprises!

Tips & Tricks

Outdoor winter activities for kids

Are you planning on taking your family camping this winter season? Here’s a list of our favourite zero waste outdoor winter activities for all to enjoy!

Outdoor activities

Give Black Friday a Rest

It’s November and Black Friday deals are beginning to cloud our feeds again. At Campspace, we’ve decided to give it a rest this year and spend our money elsewhere.


Black Friday Alternatives

Black Friday consumerism has consequences for our environment. Why not consider more mindful consumption and travel habits this holiday season?


Camping with your camper during the winter

Wondering how to camp with a camper during the winter? Then look no further as we lay out a few basics everyone needs when starting out in a campervan for the first time this winter.

Prepare for your glamping trip

Looking for tips on how to prepare for your glamping trip? Follow these three essential tips to plan an unforgettable glamping experience and let your journey begin!

Everything you can do with a pumpkin

The pumpkin is an essential fall must-have with its enchanting autumn charm and incredible versatility. The possibilities are endless for this winter squash.

Tips & Tricks

Late Summer Holiday

Do you still want to go out in the late summer? We have listed a few beautiful camping spots and accommodations for a nice late summer holiday.


Unique Overnight Stays

Are you looking for unique overnight stays for your weekend away or holiday? You can book great glamping accommodations and campsites via Campspace.


Safari Tent Stays

Are you looking for safari tent stays? You will find beautiful small-scale places with a lot of comfort via Campspace!


The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use a Compass

Since the GPS was invented using a compass is rare, but it is actually a handy skill - especially if you are out in nature with no signal or internet. And since we love outdoor adventures, we have made a guide to help you learn how to use a compass.

Tips & Tricks Outdoor activities

Top 10 European Best Destinations

Need inspiration for your next vacation? This is our top 10 of European best destinations! This way you are assured of a unique holiday.


Holiday Ideas 2022

Are you looking for holiday ideas for 2022? We have listed some tips and ideas so you will have a great time during your holiday in 2022!

Destinations Tips & Tricks

How to get into Climbing

Aren’t the views amazing at the top of a mountain? Well, when you learn how to get into climbing, that is all you will want to do!

Tips & Tricks Outdoor activities

Find your sustainable getaway

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