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Campsites in Zeeland

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    If you're looking to experience Dutch nature at its best, look no further than Zeeland. Campsites in Zeeland are popular with Dutch and German people.

    Campsites in Zeeland: Why is camping in Zeeland so popular?

    The Dutch province of Zeeland consists of several peninsulas, so in addition to long North Sea beaches, you will also find beaches on quieter inland waters. And what screams holiday more than sand between your toes and the wind in your hair? Camping Zeeland is a good idea not only in summer, but also in winter, spring or autumn. The holiday feeling is enhanced when you stay at a mini campsite in Zeeland in the middle of nature.

    Pitch your tent and spend a few relaxing days among the sheep and chickens on a mini camping in Zeeland. Wake up to the sunrise and have breakfast in front of your camper with a beautiful view of the countryside. 

    Glamping campsite Zeeland, Netherlands

    Campsites in Zeeland: The most beautiful places for a camping holiday 

    Camping Renesse: A popular destination for water sports enthusiasts

    With 21 kilometres of beach, Camping Renesse is a very popular destination for both nature lovers and water sports enthusiasts. Whether couples, families, senior citizens or young beach guests, everyone will get their money's worth here. With the beaches Watergat and Scholderlaan, which offer very good conditions for (kite)surfing with wind and waves, Camping Renesse is particularly popular with water sports fans. The Brouwersdam is just a stone's throw from Renesse.

    Camping Renesse

    Camping Domburg: century-old spa with clean beaches

    Domburg's beaches are awarded the Blue Flag every year and are among the cleanest beaches in the Netherlands. With many beach pavilions and wooden planks that allow beach access even with prams, Camping Domburg is especially popular with families with young children. But culture lovers also get their money's worth on a camping holiday in Domburg. You can walk the Mondriaan Route, stroll through the idyllic centre of Domburg or visit the 28-metre-high water tower. 

    Camping Zoutelande: with the South Beach a popular destination in all seasons

    Together with the coastal towns of Dishoek and Westkapelle, Zoutelande forms the Zelländische Riviera. Partly because of its south-facing sandy beaches, camping Zoutelande is a good idea in all seasons. While you can sunbathe and swim in the North Sea here in the summer, in the cooler seasons you can wrap up warm and enjoy the fresh sea air or warm up in one of the many beach pavilions and look out over the North Sea with a "Koffie Verkeerd" (latte). The small village of Biggekerke is only a stone's throw away and is very interesting for anyone looking for "Camping Zoutelande".

    Camping Zoutelande

    Camping Westkapelle: seaside resort in the north-west of the Walcheren peninsula

    Like Renesse, Camping Westkapelle is also very popular with water sports enthusiasts. While Westkapelle is popular with bathers in the summer, a camping holiday in Westkapelle also has its advantages during the cooler seasons. Although dogs are allowed on the beach all year round, they can also run free during the day from October to April. Camping Westkapelle is therefore also worth considering for a camping holiday with a dog.

    Camping Ostkapelle: seaside resort with old farms

    You would think that Oostkapelle is right next to Westkapelle. But this is not the case, because if you choose camping Oostkapelle, you first have to cycle through the spa town of Domburg to get to Westkapelle. With clean, wide beaches, nature reserves, a typical Dutch village centre and the Malrian dunes, Camping Oostkapelle is a good idea for anyone who wants to visit the Habinsel Walcheren.

    Camping Cadzand: health resort near the Belgian border

    Located in the south of the province of Zeeland, the spa town of Cadzand borders Belgium. Like Camping Domburg, Camping Cadzand is very popular with campers looking for clean sandy beaches and fresh sea air. However, Camping Cadzand is also worth considering for gourmets. Because on Boulevard De Wielingen you will find the starred restaurant Pure C by top chef Sergio Herman. Give your camping cooker a break and treat yourself to an unforgettable culinary experience.

    Camping in Zeeland by the sea: natural mini campsites near the beach

    Although the hinterland of the province of Zeeland with picturesque towns such as Middelburg is also worth a trip, most camping holidaymakers are looking for 'Camping Zeeland directly by the sea'. And for good reason: with its long, wide sandy beaches, Zeeland is a very popular destination with water sports enthusiasts, sun worshippers and those who like to walk along the North Sea beach with a cap and scarf even during the cooler seasons. If you were originally looking for "Camping Zeeland directly by the sea" but still prefer to spend the night on the water instead of just by the water, you've come to the right place. This campsite on the Versemeer offers a very special camping experience.

    Camping Zeeland directly by the sea

    Small campsites Zeeland vs. campsites Zeeland: What is the difference?

    Campsites Zeeland: Comfortable facilities but mostly on small pitches

    Camping Zeeland is very popular in all seasons. Due to the high demand, you will therefore also find one or two large campsites in Zeeland. If you search for 'campsite Zeeland' you will probably come across the website of a large campsite in Zeeland that offers all the amenities the sanitary facilities and maybe even animation, but real nature lovers will feel like they are in fish on land. 

    Small campsites Zeeland: Small, close to nature and with direct contact to local hosts

    For all those who prefer to pitch or park their tent or camper van in the middle of nature, we recommend looking for Minicamping Zeeland. Because at a minicamping site in Zeeland, things are much quieter. With only a small number of pitches, a minicamping Zeeland offers the opportunity to really immerse yourself in the nature of this popular holiday region. A mini campsite is often located on the land of private hosts or a farm and therefore offers the opportunity to get to know Zeeland from a different angle. Our private hosts are happy to provide insider tips on things to do in the region, making a camping holiday at a minicamping Zeeland a very special experience.

    Campsites in Zeeland: The most beautiful mini campsite in Zeeland

    Stay at Minicamping at Brouwersdam with hostess Querin, stay at Camping near Middelburg or choose a Campsite in Zeeland near the Veerde Meer.

    Zeeland Camping: Popular activities during your camping holiday in Zeeland

    Your Zeeland camping experience will be even better if you supplement your days of sun, sea and beach with a few excursions. 

    After a heavy storm in 1953, the dikes in Zeeland broke. This battle against the water has always played a major role in Zeeland. Fortunately, the Zeelanders won this battle once and for all with the Delta Works. This dike defence system is world famous. Many tourists book a holiday in Zeeland to visit this modern wonder of the world. That's why you should also visit this famous place. And while you're there, the Brouwersdam, the seventh structure of the Delta Works, is the ideal place to kite. Not so sporty? Then admire all the colourful kites from afar. Renesse is also a popular east on the Zeeland coast and well worth a visit.

    You can also discover the province on foot or by bike while camping in Zeeland. It's a great way to be active and do something good for the environment. Something that is very important to us at Campspace. You will see that Zeeland is a very lively province. Whether Domburg, Middelburg or Zoutelande - all the towns, villages and seaside resorts make it the perfect destination for a Zeeland camping holiday. So don't wait too long and head off camping in Zeeland to stay with a local host.  

    Camping in Zeeland with a sea views

    The sand underneath your feet and wind through your hair. Are you looking for a holiday on the coast of holland? Then Zeeland is the place to be. Zeeland is the most southwestern province of the Netherlands and consists mainly of peninsulas and borders Belgium.

    Zeeland: a great cycle province

    The fight against water has always played an important role and seems to have been won with the completion of the Delta Works. This defence system is world famous. Many tourists book a holiday in Zeeland to pay a visit to this modern world wonder. The province is easy to view from the bike. You can pass through beaches, bridges and of course the capital Middelburg.

    Camp in peace in Dutch nature

    Put down your tent and camp between sheep and chickens or wake up and breakfast with a sea view. The locals do everything at ease. One think is for sure; in Zeeland you will come to rest.

    Relax in Zeeland? Book one of the campspaces above and camp with one of our local hosts. 

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