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Campspace glamping in Europe

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Top countries for glampings

Glamping is glamorous camping that combines luxury with nature! Find unique, relaxing glamping sites in Europe on Campspace.

Glamping in nature - sustainable and comfortable overnight stay in the great outdoors

What is glamping?

Glamping stands for glamorous camping. It is still a fairly new camping trend whose name is a combination of the English words glamorous and camping. With glamping, a comfortable and fully equipped glamping tent is provided so that you can spend the night in the middle of nature without having to do without comfort. You don't need your own camping equipment. Campspace offers the most beautiful glamping tents for comfortable outdoor adventures. Whether in a tipi tent, a yurt or another glamping tent, with Campspace you can spend the night in the middle of nature, far away from mass tourism and crowds.

Campspace Glamping in Europe

The fact that glamping is still a fairly young trend is shown by a survey, according to which only 60% of respondents had already heard of glamping in 2017. However, 44% of the respondents could well imagine that glamping could be something for them. And precisely these key figures reflect the trend. Because while more and more people are drawn out into nature, spending the night on a sleeping mat doesn't trigger holiday feelings for everyone. While some campers love the simplicity of camping, other nature lovers would rather not do without a real bed. Glamping offers the perfect opportunity to spend the night in the middle of nature without having to compromise on comfort.

On Campspace, thousands of hosts worldwide open the gates to their gardens, farms or secluded forest plots for nature lovers. Several hundred of these small and mostly privately run Campspace campsites offer fully equipped glamping tents. Some of the hosts offer facilities such as a sauna, a hottub or even catering in addition to the furnished tent. Here, the glamping trip becomes a wellness experience. 

Glamping campsites in Europe

Glamping is the closest thing to traditional tourism and traveling methods. At glamping campsites, accommodation is provided, most facilities and resources are accessible for you, and the area is incredible. The difference is that glamping is way more sustainable. 

Not only can you camp with comfort and avoid bringing or renting your own gear, but you’re surrounded by nature. No nature is harmed for you to enjoy glamping compared to hotels that take up natural space and resources! Popular destinations for glamping guests include:

🇧🇪 Glamping in Belgium 🇳🇱 Glamping in the Netherlands 🇩🇪 Glamping in Germany 🇫🇷 Glamping in France 🇩🇰 Glamping in Denmark 🇵🇹 Glamping in Portugal 🇪🇸 Glamping in Spain 

Campspace Glamping in Spain

Glamping in winter with a warm shower and heating

During the cooler seasons, glamping is a popular alternative even for otherwise hardy campers. Because while nights on an air mattress in your own igloo tent can be chilly in autumn and winter, glamping offers a warm, sometimes even heated bed. Because many glamping tents are equipped with heating or a small fireplace and generally offer more space than ordinary camping tents. So you can retreat here during a rainstorm or warm up again under a warm shower after a long winter hike.

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Campspace glamping in yurt

What forms of glamping tents are there?

Glamping in a yurt

Really cosy and specially designed to withstand all weathers, theres the yurt. As a traditional nomadic tent, a yurt offers a large, round living space that is especially cosy when set up as glamping accommodation in autumn and winter. Click here for glamping accommodations yurts.

Glamping in a tipi tent

A beautifully decorated tipi tent with fairy lights and a few deck chairs in front of it - that's probably the classic image of a glamping overnight stay. Many glamping tipi tents are equipped with a comfortable bed and a small sitting area and thus offer much more comfort than normal tents. Click here for a Glamping accommodation in a tipi tent.

Glamping in a dome tent

A dome tent is a tent with a round floor plan and a round roof. Similar to a tipi, a dome tent offers enough space for a comfortable bed as well as a small sitting area, making it ideal for those who enjoy camping close to nature while sleeping on a real mattress. Click here for a Glamping accommodation in a dome tent.

Glamping in a bell tent 

A bell tent is a round tent that tapers to a point at the top and has a diameter of three to six metres. Bell tents are usually made of sturdy, light beige canvas and are therefore one of the classics among glamping tents. The features of bell tents can vary. The specific equipment of a Campspace glamping is mentioned in the respective description and is shown on the corresponding pictures of the bell tent. Browse glamping accommodations in bell tents.

Glamping in a ridge tent

A ridge tent has a rectangular floor plan with a front and back in the shape of a triangle. If you draw a tent, you are likely to draw a tent in this classic shape and so the ridge tent has even made it into our digital communication as an emoji. Large ridge tents made of canvas are also set up here and there as glamping tents and rented out to nature lovers. Check out thisglamping accommodation in a ridge tent.

Glamping in a safari tent

Similar to ridge tents, safari tents have a rectangular floor plan with front and back in the shape of a triangle. However, safari tents are generally not only larger in footprint but also slightly taller, making them one of the most spacious options among glamping tents. They can often even be divided into different rooms, making safari tents very popular glamping tents for families. Browse glamping accommodations in a safari tent.

Campspace Glamping Safari tent

5 extraordinary glamping sites in Europe

  1. Romantic glamping in a safari tent on the banks of the Moselle in Germany.
  2. Glamping in a cosily furnished yurt in the Netherlands.
  3. The transparent glamping tent of host Ina in Denmark offers a panoramic view of the deciduous forest.
  4. Glamping in a fully equipped bell tent with a view over an olive grove in Portugal.
  5. Romantic glamping in a geodesic dome tent in Belgium.

Planning a glamping holiday

What should you look for when planning a glamping holiday?

In addition to the choice of destination, issues such as the local weather and, derived from this, the personal packing list, but also the equipment of the chosen glamping accommodation as well as the food during the glamping holiday play an important role. Campspace expert Mary has summarised her tips for planning a glamping holiday in a blog.

Glamping planning tips

The most popular Campspace glamping

Top 3 glamping spots with a sauna or hottub

  1. Yurt with hottub and sauna right on the water in Nigtevecht, the Netherlands
  2. Glamping with sauna and massage in Wambeek, Belgium
  3. Glamping with private sauna in the middle of the forest in Velen, Germany

Top 3 glamping spots with catering

  1. Tipi tent with optional dinner in Retie, Belgium
  2. Heated bell tent with full breakfast in Rijswijk, Netherlands
  3. Glamping in a nature area with organic meals in Svendborg, Denmark

Top 3 romantic glamping spots

  1. Glamping in a romantic safari tent in Traben Trabach, Germany
  2. Romantically furnished yurt in Limburg, Netherlands
  3. Romantic glamping with a view of the starry sky in Belgian Flanders

Top 3 glamping sites for families

  1. Safari tent on a farm in Tielt Winge, Belgium
  2. Family-friendly glamping with play equipment in Wanzele, Belgium
  3. Glamping for the whole family in Parsac-Rimondeix, France

Top 3 private glamping spots

  1. Traditional yurt at the edge of the forest in Holsbeek, Belgium
  2. Remote bell tent in Arrochela, Portugal
  3. Yurt with distant views in St. Bonnet Larivière, France

3 reasons why Campspace glamping is sustainable

1. Glamping is ideal for travelling by bike or train

Over 70% of the CO2 emissions of the global tourism industry are due to travel by plane and car. So if you plan a glamping holiday close to home, you can save an incredible amount of CO2. Because the glamping tent is already fully equipped, you don't need to bring much with you apart from your own clothes, cosmetics and possibly a book or a pack of cards. The light luggage then also makes it possible to travel by public transport or even by bicycle. Most of the usual travel industry emissions can therefore be avoided here.

2. Glamping tents are resource-saving accommodations

More than 20% of the CO2 emissions of the global tourism industry are due to accommodation. A glamping tent in nature is much more environmentally friendly than a holiday villa with a heated pool or a hotel room with air conditioning. This is because resources are not only used in the consumption of electricity and gas during the stay, but also in the construction of the accommodation and the resulting soil sealing. Those who choose glamping in nature can also minimise the ecological footprint of their trip in terms of accommodation. 

3. Campspace hosts take sustainability measures

Booking a glamping holiday through Campspace means staying on someone else's nature-loving land. Our hosts come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Whether marine chemist Gerd, a eight-member team of sustainable entrepreneurs or eco-entrepreneur Frits, they are all united by their love of nature. They not only look after their idyllic spot on earth with a lot of love, but also implement sustainability measures that go with their campspace to make it as environmentally friendly as possible. These sustainability measures can range from waste separation and solar systems to the use of grey water and the provision of vegan meals or biodynamic farming. The specific measures that a campspace practices can be found in the description of the respective glamping site. 

Popular glamping activities

Activities in the vicinity of your glamping tent

Campspace glamping sites are usually located in beautiful natural areas, so you can enjoy cycling, hiking or wildlife watching in their surroundings. Outdoor sports such as climbing or horse riding are also possible in the vicinity of some glamping sites.

Activities at Campspace glamping sites

Since Camspace glamping sites are usually located in spacious areas, they are a great place to spend your time. You can play a game of Viking chess together, have a barbecue, relax in the hot tub or end the day around the campfire. On our blog we explain 6 steps to a perfect campfire.

Activities you can do inside your glamping tent

Even if there's a rain cloud, glamping is a great way to pass the time. Whether with an exciting book, board games or a warm cocoa in front of the fireplace, it is really cosy in the glamping tent, especially during the cooler seasons. 

 More ideas for outdoor activities can be found on our blog.

What are some alternatives to glamping?

If you want to spend the night in nature but are not yet convinced of glamping, you should take the time to browse through our offer. Whether in a treehouse, vardo wagon, a caravan, a wine cask, a hobbit house, a tiny house, on a camper site or tent campsite - by choosing the appropriate filters, everyone will find what they are looking for.

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Frequently asked questions about glamping

What does glamping mean?

Glamping stands for glamorous camping, a relatively new travel trend that combines the freedom of camping with the comfort of a holiday home or hotel.

What does glamping cost?

Campspace glamping usually costs 50€ to 150€ per glamping tent per night. Use our search function to find prices for glamping tents in your area.

Are there heated glamping tents for autumn and winter? 

Yes, Campspace has heated glamping tents for autumn and winter. Some glamping tents offer extra comfort during the cooler seasons with a sauna, hottub, fireplace or electric blanket. 

Can I cook while glamping?

Yes, many Campspace glampings are equipped with a small kitchen, barbecue or even an outdoor kitchen, so you can cook here. On our blog you can find 5 easy camping recipes for your glamping holiday.

What is a glamping tent?

A glamping tent is a comfortably equipped tent. Since glamping stands for glamorous camping, you will usually find a normal bed with slatted frame and mattress, a sitting area, decorative lighting and sometimes even a small kitchen and a fireplace in a glamping tent.

Glamping near me

Have a look at our Campspace map to spot the glamping options near your house. Simply plug in the town or city you’re in and campspaces will pop up!

Luxury Camping

Put your foot in the door of the incredible camping world or simply enjoy a fully equipped sustainable getaway. These spots are the best of both worlds; you have the real camping experience in the midst of nature as well as comfort and the perfect amenities.

Far away from all the stress, what could be better than arriving at your location and having to do nothing but put your feet up and relax. Some of our hosts have saunas for example! "Mini glamping" is also possible such as staying in  tree houses, teepees, or gypsy wagons. Each type of accommodation serves their own type of luxury. This makes mini camping spots perfect for ultimate relaxation.  

Glamping campsites 

We are multiple hosts that are happily welcoming guests at their glamping sites. And if staying in a big tent with your favorite travel companions and beautiful nature wasn't enough, there are also the options of multiple activities. Go on an adventure and spot wildlife during a nice walk in the forest. Cycle around and explore the area. 

After spending all day exploring the forests or spotting aquatic animals you sit down for dinner and realize how incredibly enjoyable life can be. It’s all about reconnecting yourself to the local nature and people of your wonderful country. 

Are there perhaps too many options for you? Simply talk to your host of the campspace that you wish to visit. No need for Google Maps, simply ask our friendly hosts who know all about the area and learn about the best tips and activities. Go canoeing or paddle boarding, there are endless possibilities! Or if you want a more leisurely trip, ask about the best local cafes or restaurants where you can enjoy some soup or sandwiches. This way you can also see and experience the local culture.

If you’re looking for more back-to-basic camping, we also have options for that. Your glamping experience awaits!

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