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A glamping stay at Jolanda's wellness campspace in Belgium

A glamping stay at Jolanda's wellness campspace in Belgium

Guest Julie tells us all about her glamping stay at the Jolanda's wellness campspace, complete with breakfast and paddle boarding activity.

Campspace host Jolanda offers yoga, mountain biking experiences, stand up paddle boarding fun and lots more in her own backyard. It’s the perfect spot in nature to enjoy time together and truly recharge. This past June we joined forces with Jolanda to organise a giveaway on Instagram. We spoiled Julie, the lucky winner, with a luxury stay at her campspace. Together with her friends Merel and Eline, she stayed at Jolanda's one-of-a-kind glamping site this past July.

Photography by Glenn at VUUR. Digital Agency

When friends meet

As a graphic designer, Julie likes to be creative and think outside the box, which showed in how she approached her giveaway win. Instead of bringing along friends that already knew each other, she decided to make this an opportunity for two of her friends to meet for the first time! Julie explains: ‘Merel and Eline didn’t know each other, but I had a hunch that they would get along very well. I was completely right, we had lots of fun with the three of us and we made some lovely memories together.’

Photography by Glenn at VUUR. Digital Agency

It’s been a while since Julie last went camping. She tells us, ‘I’ve been camping before, but when I was little, so to experience it again now like this was a great way to rediscover it’.
Host Jolanda offers luxury glamping tents, so it’s a great way to experience staying outdoors while not compromising on comfort. You’ll find basic tipi tents, where you still need to bring your own bedding, and a more luxurious one where the bed is already made when you arrive.

Photography by Glenn at VUUR. Digital Agency

Real human connection and a love for nature

Jolanda welcomes people from all walks of life, which is something the host really enjoys, telling us, ‘The diversity of people is what fascinates me most about hosting. And yet, consciously or unconsciously, you attract a certain target group. The guests who come to us are often already familiar with various forms of exercise and relaxation, or would like to discover them and are open to them. This immediately creates a common ground, making the contact effortless.’

Something Julie and her friends also felt during their stay: ‘Jolanda is friendly and has visibly put a lot of time and effort into her campspace and the reception of her guests. She checked in with us to see if we had everything we needed and had lovely conversations with her during our stay’

When building her campspace, Jolanda and her family chose to keep sustainability in mind. They use an old well and re-use groundwater with a self-built shower. Her dream is to add a windmill or solar panels to her space in the future. The effort in sustainability is something Julie also noticed during her stay, she tells us, ‘Jolanda's campspace is unique as the oasis of peace and quiet that it is, built by Jolanda and her husband Koen. It’s fully focused on sustainability, while keeping maximum comfort. You can retreat if that’s what you’re looking for, but you can also explore and discover the surrounding area.’

Photography by Glenn at VUUR. Digital Agency

The rundown

Obviously, we were curious about what Julie and her friends did at their glamping retreat and she was eager to share: ‘The weekend was lovely and sunny. During the evening we cooked and had a lavish diner. Afterwards, we were even surprised by a yearly party in the adjacent village, so we spontaneously joined in for a dance, which was a lot of fun! The next morning we had a delicious breakfast waiting for us and went paddle boarding. The peacefulness on the water in nature was incredible and we enjoyed it a lot. Everything was lovely green and quiet, amazing!’

Photography by Glenn at VUUR. Digital Agency

She ends our interview with a firm recommendation for everyone to stay at Jolanda's if you have the chance. Head over to Jolanda's campspace listing to book your stay in nature. Don’t forget to add your activity to the booking, so that you can fully enjoy all that host Jolanda has to offer at her campspace.

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