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Campsites in Denmark

Are you looking for campsites in Denmark? You can book the most beautiful and unique places via Campspace!

Campsites in Denmark

Campsites in Denmark 

The campsites in Denmark that you can book through Campspace are not just campsites. They are small-scale campsites often located on private property. Think of a beautiful garden, an orchard, a farmyard or a spot in a meadow. The places are very cozy and very unique. In this way you come to places where you normally do not go. The campsites offer spaces for tents, but also for caravans and motorhomes. A few have their own accommodation for a real glamping experience.


By booking a campsite through Campspace, you contribute to sustainable tourism. We want to permanently change the travel industry by showing that you don't have to fly all over the world for a special holiday. Closer to home you will also find beautiful places and you have the possibility to meet new people. What makes a Campspace holiday extra sustainable is that many hosts are concerned about a better environment. They set up their premises as sustainably as possible. For each location it is indicated what things the host does. Examples are considering using solar energy and using composting toilets instead of regular toilets.

Outdoor Activities

Not only does the place you stay make your holiday, the activities do so too. We would like to inspire you to enjoy nature and to do all kinds of outdoor activities. There is nothing better than being active in nature. It is healthy, shows you a lot of the surroundings you are in, makes you aware of the importance of nature and is fun to do together with your travel buddies. The hosts are happy to tell you more about what there is to do in their area.

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