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Glamping in Belgium

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Find glampings in one of the provinces of Belgium

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    Luxurious camping spots, glamping in Belgium? You don't have to worry about carrying your own tent, these glamping spots there's already a tent or cabin placed for you.

    Glamping Belgium

    With Campspace, you have a wide choice of glamping in Belgium. This way, you can still enjoy the camping and outdoor life without having to put up your own tent first. We have yurts, tipi tents, tree houses and cabins that are already fully furnished. They are fully equipped and good sanitary facilities are available on site. So you can camp in luxury and recharge your batteries. 

    You will receive a friendly welcome at each glamping. Many of them are real campers and outdoor people themselves, so they know exactly what you need. They are always there for you and also like to chat to exchange travel stories. Nice and laid back, small-scale and with attention for people and nature. 

    Many hosts value sustainability highly. The glamping is often fully equipped for this. You can often collect your own eggs or join them for a fresh breakfast with produce from their own garden. This gives your glamping experience that little bit extra.

    Top 3 Belgian glampings 

    1. Tipi tent in the Ardennes

    Here you can really escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy nature. The tent is fully equipped with everything you need for a relaxing stay, including a comfortable bed and a small kitchen. You can also use the shared facilities, such as the sanitary facilities and common kitchen. Whether you want to hike, cycle, or just relax in nature, this tipi tent in Chimay is the ideal place for a restful holiday.

    Glamping Belgium tipitent Ardennes

    Tipitent in the Ardennes

    2. Chalet in Beaver, Flanders

    Cabins are usually located in remote areas, giving you the chance to disconnect from the world and relax completely. You can enjoy nature and forget all your worries for a while. Moreover, cabins are often equipped with all the necessary comforts, such as a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom and even comfortable bedrooms.

    cottage chalet belgium flanders

    Book the cottage from Tanguy en Evelien in Bever

    3. Treehouse in Flanders

    There is a wide range of accommodation in Belgium, from mobile homes to luxury glamping. But if you're looking for something truly unique, why not try a treehouse?

    Treehouses can come with all modern conveniences, including running water, electricity and heating. So you will be able to make the most of your stay while surrounded by the natural beauty of Belgium. Should you want to take an outing to the cities, this treehouse is in a perfect location. Indeed, it is located in Flemish-Brabant, which is known for its beautiful cities, such as: Leuven and Brussels.

    Glamping belgium treehouse in Flanders

    Boomhut in Vlaams-Brabant

    Glamping Belgian nature reserves 

    You will find glamping sites scattered all over Belgium, so there are definitely some glamping sites in the Belgian Ardennes to book as well. Here you are really in the middle of nature and can undertake fun activities. For example, go hiking, make a nice bike or mountain bike trip, rent a canoe to canoe on the Ourthe river or go climbing. Would you rather take it easy? Then spend a day at the tent or visit a nice town or village. Do you prefer nature? We also have beautiful nature campsites in the Ardennes.

    The hosts know their region like no other, so if you are looking for the tips you can't find on the internet, they are the ones to turn to. That way, your glamping adventure in Belgium is sure to be a success!

    1. Ardennes

    The Belgian Ardennes are a natural beauty. The region offers beautiful nature with dense forests, hills, rivers, lakes waterfalls and picturesque valleys. Our guests' campsites and accommodations are often in privileged locations, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding nature.

    Glampings Ardennes

    2. Flanders

    Flanders is best known for its beautiful cities. Brussels, Antwerp, but also Ghent can all be found in this state. What is less known is its beautiful nature. Not only are there the Flemish Ardennes, but many more beautiful natural areas can be found. Around them are beautiful camping spots to completely unwind and escape from daily stress. 

    Glampings Flanders

    3. Wallonia

    Wallonia in Belgium is a region known for its rich history, culture and beautiful landscapes. There are many activities that make this geographical area a destination not to be missed. In this article, we explore the unique features and opportunities that tourism in Wallonia offers to travellers and visitors who want to try camping in Wallonia.

    Glamping Wallonia

    4. Liege

    Did you know that Liège is not only a city, but also a province? The province has Belgium's largest nature reserve, the High Fens-Eifel Nature Park. This nature park runs through both Belgium and Germany and most of it is a protected nature reserve. You will find all kinds of rare plant and animal species here and can hike to your heart's content.

    High Fens is not the only nature reserve in the province of Liège. To the west you will find the Burdinale and Mehaigne valleys nature park. In this nature reserve you will find the rivers Burdinale and Mehaigne, from which it got its name. You will find all kinds of castles and monumental farms here. This is also a beautiful walking and cycling area.

    Glampings Liege

    5. Luxembourg

    The province of Luxembourg also offers plenty of opportunities for campers who want to get in touch with nature, such as exploring the region's vast forests, hiking, mountain biking, fishing or canoeing on its rivers. Culture lovers can also discover the region's rich historical heritage, including medieval castles and remarkable archaeological sites.

    Glampings Luxembourg

    6. Namur

    Namur is the capital of Wallonia and you are therefore at the heart of the French-speaking part of Belgium. The city is not too far from Brussels, where you can easily take a trip. The city has many cathedrals and churches worth visiting and you can also visit the old arsenal built around 1692. It is a historic city, where you can have fun shopping, admire architecture and visit the Promises of Namur. This tower is on the UNESCO heritage list. 

    Glampings Namur

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