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Glamping Germany

If you're looking for the best glamping Germany has to offer, look no further. Glamping in Germany is the best way to spend time in nature without giving up your creature comforts!

Glamping Germany

Glamping in Germany

Glamping in Germany is the best way to spend time in nature without giving up your creature comforts! Germany's beautiful landscape and nature combined with proper bathroom facilities, comfortable beds and pre-arranged accomodation, makes exploring all regions of Germany a treat!  If you're looking for the best glamping Germany has to offer, look no further than this page.


Campspace's recent expansion into Germany has seen our platform grow in the number and variety of German glamping sites we have to offer you. Relax in bell-tents in the Eifel, take in stunning cabin views in the Rhineland-Palatinate and cosy up in a camping pod in the northern coastal region of Schleswig-Holstein. The latter will have you a stone's throw away from both the North Sea and Baltic Sea coastlines with beautiful beaches and coastal views.

Glamping in Germany allows you to considerably lighten your load as compared to camping trips and enjoy the comforts of a hotel with minimal impact on Germany's natural landscape. Little nature is harmed for one to enjoy glamping, while staying in a hotel can have more impact on resources and natural surroundings than expected. 

Glamping Near Me

Whether you live in Germany or not, you can have a look at this Campspace map to spot glamping options near your house. Simply plug in the town or city you’re in and campspaces will pop up!

Luxury Camping in Germany

Get your foot in the door of the incredible world of back-to-basics camping or simply enjoy a fully equipped sustainable getaway. These spots are the best of both worlds; you have the real camping experience in the midst of German nature as well as comfort and amenities such as hot tubs, outdoor kitchens and fire pits.

After making your journey away from the city and all the stress it entails, what could be better than arriving at your location and having to do nothing but put your feet up and relax? Some of our hosts have saunas, tree houses, teepees and 'vardo' wagons. Each type of accommodation serves its own particular type of luxury. This is the type of glamping Germany has been waiting for! 

Outdoor activities near glamping in Germany

Our German hosts are happily welcoming guests at their glamping sites. If staying in a big tent with your favourite travel companions wasn't enough, there are also the options of multiple activities. Go on an adventure and spot wildlife during a nice walk in the forest. Cycle around and explore the area. 

After spending all day exploring the forests or spotting wildlife,  you can sit down for an outdoor dinner and take stock of how brilliant it feels to reconnect to nature and local people in that particular area of Germany.


Ask our friendly hosts, who know all about the area, questions to learn about the best tips and activities near you. Go canoeing or paddle boarding, or find the best local cafes or restaurants to enjoy local cuisine.

If you’re looking for more back-to-basic camping, there are plenty of options in Germany too. If one of these available glamping sites looks like a getaway for you, we hope your glamping experience in Germany is all that you hoped.

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