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Prepare for your glamping trip

Prepare for your glamping trip

Looking for tips on how to prepare for your glamping trip? Follow these three essential tips to plan an unforgettable glamping experience and let your journey begin!

By: Mary Deasy

Understanding what glamping is

Glamping is where camping meets modern luxuries- The movement is growing and across the world you can find incredible locations with their own advantages.

The term glamping comes from a combination of the words glamorous camping. As you may have guessed, glamping involves accommodation more luxurious than traditional camping. This could involve heated yurts, treehouses, eco-pods, or any number of accommodations considered unique or unusual such as gypsy wagons, teepees, or airstreems.

Comforts come as a standard - furnishings, a hot shower, and electricity are something typically provided and therefore, you don’t need to worry about. Glamping removes the stress of regular clamping and allows you to fully immerse yourself in nature without worrying about where you are gonna shower or where and when you have to set up camp. Glamping is all about the experience. It’s about returning to nature without having to return to basics.

The very nature of Glamping means that there is an accommodation, price, and comfort level for everyone and every budget.

Prepare for your glamping trip with these 3 tips

1. Do your research


a) Check the location

Glamping exists on a spectrum with options available at different price points. Therefore, understanding what the glamping experience you booked, offers, is important as certain amenities may or may not be available. Does the glampsite offer heating, hot water, food, a shower or any other amenities? This question will help you decide what you will need to pack. Before embarking on your trip, familiarize yourself with the area, the weather, transportation, and activities. Also, remember that glamping during the COVID pandemic may require extra precautions and safety measures required by either the host or the country.

b) Check the weather

One of the many perks of glamping is that packing can be much lighter- You don’t have to carry around a tent or any other heavy camping equipment since most glampsites offer the equipment to make travellers stay more comfortable. Therefore, what are you gonna do with all that extra space? Pack for unpredictable weather or activities you may do during your stay! For a more specific breakdown of what to pack on your next glamping trip, check out this free downloadable glamping list.

2. Book in advance 

If you haven’t booked your next glamping trip, do it now! Glamping spots are booked more quickly especially on the weekends because of popularity or due to the fact that glampsite typically have fewer spots than a traditional campsite. Planning in advance will ensure you a spot while removing the stress of having to find a place last minute. Check out our glampsites and book your glamping adventure today!

3. Meal prep

woen preparing food at a campsite

When you arrive at the glampsite, the last thing you want to do is run to the grocery store because you forget dinner. However, thinking about what you are gonna eat on your trip is probably the last thing on your mind. After researching your accommodation, you should have a pretty good idea of what you need to bring with you, particularly with regards to cooking- Do they have a stove or a campfire at the glampsite? If your glampsite doesn’t have a restaurant or offer meals, it is likely you will have to cook for yourself on an open fire, portable stove, or wood-burning stove. If this is the case, then prep your meals in advance to accommodate the glampsites cooking facilities.

Your glamping getaway may take many forms, but each one is meant for making memories, experiencing nature and enjoying the unique experience of a glampsite.

Follow these three tips to plan the perfect glamping experience and let your adventure begin! 

Don’t forget to check out our glamping packing list while preparing for your glamping trip.

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