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13 Fun Things to Do Outside

13 Fun Things to Do Outside

When the world is your oyster, it’s difficult to decide on how to spend your precious time and on what things to do outside.

When the world is your oyster, it’s difficult to decide on how to spend your precious time and on what things to do outside. Finding inspiration on fun outdoor activities is important to connect with your local community and nature. We have come up with a list of things to do outside with suggestions on location in the UK, categorizing them based on activity levels. Here is the list of 13 activities ranging from different levels: leisurely, moderate, to challenging!

Fun Outdoor Activities

1. Camping

Camping is most definitely an important and fun outdoor activity, suitable for all types of travelers! Camping can be adjusted to the level of your activity preference which is why it’s so great. In addition, all the following outdoor activities in this list can easily be included in your camping trip. You can choose to spend your weekend at an already existing tent at one of our hosts, take walks, and read. Or you can include mountain hiking, kayaking, and bringing your own tent and gear if you want a more challenging activity level. Whichever type of activity you choose, we highly recommend allowing yourself to truly enjoy the outdoor life by spending the nights outdoors by camping.

2. Picnic

While sleeping outside can be the most memorable and healthy nights of your life, so can eating outside too. Picnics go hand in hand with most outdoor activities, including camping. By adjusting the scenery but doing the things we all do in our daily lives, we can enjoy our meal with fresh air, and this activity doesn’t have to be difficult at all. From your own garden to a trip to the beach, your local park, or your mountain view, your options are various no matter where you are. Simply choose a beautiful spot close to your house, or include it in your camping trip. By taking public transportation to your destination, you can also enjoy a few drinks without having to worry about driving logistics. Reduce your carbon footprint in the process as well!

3. Playing Games

While there are some fun outdoor activities that you can do in your own garden, such as cricket or Kubb, keeping it light if you’re traveling by foot or public transport can be helpful. Bring a deck or two of cards, depending on how many people you’re traveling with, and always have the opportunity to play games! Cards are the perfect pocket-sized activity to bring with you anywhere! Some examples of card games can be ‘Go Fish’, ‘Crazy 8’s’, or ‘President’. Just be careful of the wind. Other game ideas that don’t require any weight are engaging talking games. ‘20 questions’ and ‘Fact or Fiction’ are a few examples. If you have kids, nature bingo can be a great idea to keep them engaged and involved with nature! Use your creativity or prepare ahead of time!

4. Your favorite indoor activities

From reading to yoga, knitting to drawing, your favorite indoor activities can be brought with you outside as well. Some activities are certainly easier to do outside than others, but the possibility of bringing a piece of what you love doing outdoors can be a beautiful experience. 


Richmond Park, London, England 

Leisurely Things To Do

5. Trail walking

Trail walking can happen anywhere as long as there is a trail for you to walk on. Parks, forests, or dunes, find yourself at peace strolling through natural beauty. Next time take a walk in The Camel Trail in Cornwall, South West England, a magnificent place with the possibility to walk 17 miles with a view of the Camel Estuary River. If you want to know more about an area, you can also opt for a guided walk in the Gobbins Coastal Path of County Antrim in Northern Ireland or orienting. 

6. Paddle boarding

It may look difficult because it requires you to balance. However, who said you have to stand the whole time, or at all? The wide design of the board also makes balancing much easier, it’s a great way to explore beautiful waters and scenery in a leisurely way. Rent a board and head over to Loch Tay, Perthshire in Scotland to paddle board through the rich highlands and green hills. 

7. Cycling

Cycling is one of the best ways to explore an area. This fun outdoors activity does not have to be exhausting either, choosing a more linear and cruise-friendly biking path is ideal for a leisurely bike trip. The Richmond Park in London is a gorgeous park to start slow, and if you wish, you can choose to cycle the whole path with a few hills to climb and freely cycle down.

Moderate Outdoor Activities

8. Hiking

Head over to South Downs Way of Hampshire to East Sussex, England and hike through the wild life, cliffs and watering holes! Choose your activity, however, if 8 days of hiking the whole trail is moderate to you, go for it! Split the hike into shorter sections as well, and come back a different day. It’s important that you stay far from the cliffs as there are no barriers and there is a possibility of landslides occurring!

9. Horseback riding

Horses are powerful and magnificent creatures that can travel far distances and with speed. Horseback riding is an extremely fun way to explore an area. While, it may seem more like a leisurely activity because you’re just sitting, that is not the case. You must be able to have full control and wear safety equipment. Choose to go horseback riding with your family and check out this page for day guided horseback riding tours and holidays!

10. Snorkeling

Snorkeling is not the most popular activity due to a few reasons, however, it is still a fun way to explore aquatic nature and life! You do not have to dive to snorkel, so just choose a warmer and sunnier day to put on a snorkeling mask and some flippers and head over to Stackpole Quay in Wales. You can also rent a wet suit or a dry suit, for a sturdier outer layer as you aren’t completely warm under the Welsh waters. 

Challenging Outdoor Activities

11. Coasteering

Coasteering is the “mountaineering” of the coast. Challenge yourself by foot or swimming in the intertidal zones of the rocky coastlines, with no help of boats or floating materials. Northern Ireland has rich coastlines such as the Ballintoy of the North Antrim Coast, so head over to the small village and explore what the rich coastal nature has to offer!

12. Hill/mountain biking

Riding the bike on an incline requires a lot of will and energy, however, for those who love a challenge and perhaps the reward of a beautiful view, mountain biking is a great and fun activity to do outside! Scotland may be small but nature and activity opportunities they have to offer are rich. The Glentress Trail Center is one of the best among mountain bike enthusiasts, it is quite busy, however for many good reasons. Head over to this trail in the spring, summer, and fall to enjoy a challenge.

13. Rock Climbing

This activity requires specific equipment and gear to guarantee proper safety and performance. However, once you have the equipment, the activity itself is very rewarding! The Stanage Edge of Peak District, England has incredible natural bouldering rocks. Reach the top, strategize your route to climb to the top, and practice your climbing techniques! New into climbing? Read about how to get into climbing on our blog!


So there you have it, 13 fun things to do outside in the UK! Make sure to prioritize safety, and enjoy what the local nature has to offer! Allow yourself to soak up the fresh air, and good company when having fun with these activities.

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