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A guide to capturing your campspace in photos

We'll tell you all about our Scout Programma, and also how you can take incredible photos yourself. We'll teach you how to upgrade your listing to the next level.

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5 reasons to apply for a scout visit

We'll tell you all about the benefts of applying for our Scout Programme. Increase your exposure, bookings and gain your first experience with a guest!

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How do you get your first booking as a host

Have you just become a host on Campspace? In this blog you will find practical tips to make your Campspace stand out and we will help you with the first bookings of your pitch or accommodation.

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How to choose the best hiking gear

Going on a trek? Then good hiking gear is probably the most important thing to prepare. In this blog you can read exactly what you need to build the ultimate set of hiking equipment.

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Wild camping in Germany

Can you go wild camping in Germany? In this article, Campspace ambassador Ramona Doliff explains what is allowed and what is not when seeking a wilderness adventure in Germany.

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The best adventure sports to do while camping

Nothing makes you feel more alive than an active holiday in the great outdoors. We've gathered some cool locations that let you combine a camping trip with adventure sports like climbing, trail running or surfing.

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Camping with a rooftop tent on your car

Imagine travelling through the Netherlands, Scotland or Africa with a rooftop tent on your car and camping freely in the most beautiful places.

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Find your sustainable getaway

Up to 95% CO2 reduction if you book a campspace adventure. Learn more