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This is Why You Should Get a Bike: Top 3 Benefits of Cycling

This is Why You Should Get a Bike: Top 3 Benefits of Cycling

Cycling – one of the favorite sports of professional athletes of any discipline. They love it for a reason.

There are many benefits of cycling. Some people say cycling is a safe cardio exercise. Others consider it as one of the most efficient fat-burning drills. Both statements and many others might be true. It is proven by scientists that cycling might have a great health exposure with quite low risk. But the benefits of cycling are not only related to physical health. It is also good for your mental health and environment. 

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of cycling.

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1. Physical health benefits of bike riding

As most other sports, cycling has proven to be good for your health. Nevertheless, it is one of the best for your health. The risk to benefit ratio of this sport is extremely high. Study says that regular bike riding extends life spans up to 14 months, with the risk of lifespan reduction of only 40 days (link below). 

Cycling might not be a necessary part of any workout like stretching, however it might be one of the most efficient ones. This is a very balanced exercise, as it uses core and leg muscles. Bike riding is a great cardio drill, it helps to warm up, lose weight and many other things that are good for your health. Outdoor cycling is even better. Your lungs will thank you for such an exercise. Moreover, cycling in nature around trees and beautiful sceneries make you feel euphoric. For example, you can always book a vacation away somewhere in the forest away from the city and enjoy a healthy morning routine.

Cycling on a stationary bicine considered to be one of the best rehabilitation exercises. It gradually increases the action of the main muscles. It is especially good for people who recently had a leg injury. Moreover, you can do a lot of other things while using a stationary bicycle, such as working, studying, or just entertaining yourself. 

Pay attention to the fact that wrong cycling technique might cause knee damage. Make sure you’re doing the exercises in the right way, so it will be healthy. Bike riding gives you physical strength, but there are some other advantages of cycling.

2. Mental health benefits of cycling

Sport is always good. Not just for physical health, but also for mental health. People, who often use bicycles as transport, report that they feel less lonely, perceive less stress, have better vitality and some other positive effects of cycling. 

This is an important benefit since living in a big city might be difficult. Many irritating factors surround us. And the bicycle might be that thing, which could help us to run from them. Riding a bicycle helps to focus on your thoughts, feelings, or just peace of mind. Also, exercising in the evening might cause better sleep. 

3. Environmental benefits of bike riding

Bicycles were invented in the 19th century; however, their age just came. Many European cities are moving towards bicycles as the main transport. This is a reasonable and smart decision. Cycling is environmentally friendly. It solves many pollution problems not just because cycling does not emit carbon dioxide. Bicycle production is better for the environment than production of any other type of transport. 

Everyday more and more people join the cycling movement. Soon, we might see whole cities full of bicycles with less carbon dioxide in the air, such as Amsterdam. This is the way to a bright and healthy future. 

Go on a cycling adventure

So, if you really want to experience the culture of cycling, you should visit the Netherlands and check out how important this means of transport is for the people in this country. If you are wondering where to stay check out those beautiful Dutch spots.  

Those benefits of cycling are scientifically proven and will definitely show themselves when you implement it in your daily life. But of course, as we previously mentioned it is better to start any workout in nature. Now you know why cycling is good, let's plan a biking holiday. 

It is the best way to recharge yourself, workout and save the environment at the same time. There are multiple biking routes all over the world. But let’s check out the biking capital of the world- the Netherlands. The country itself is so invested in cycling that there are more ways for a bike than for a car. And in fact, there are more bikes than people in the country. You can check out the biking routes via the well-known Google Maps and create a route for yourself to explore Dutch nature. Or for example, you can use already pre-planned routes like Bosse Broek, Waterland loop, Ooijpolder route and many more. All of them are located in the picturesque Ducth areas and include rivers, canals, cows and tulip fields. You can say you know the Netherlands after taking at least one of those biking trips, since there is nothing that explains the culture more than life outside the big cities. 

And if you are willing to spend several days exploring the country and look for the same sustainable accommodation as your transport, check out the best nature and quiet places on campspace.com to book your perfect vacation. And do not be afraid to start biking, it's always scary the first time but then you will feel the same as those undisturbed Ducth people on your bike.

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