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13 Best Summer Camping Activities

13 Best Summer Camping Activities

Camping is a perfect way to turn off for a couple of days from the busy internet life we have and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature.

But sometimes this digital detox can be quite boring. Some exploring new camping activities can be a way to make the experience more memorable. There are a lot of ways to entertain your family even when you are secluded in a big forest. Just use more imagination and be open to new ideas!

Camping ideas for a fun weekend 

It all starts with the type of camping and location you prefer. There are a couple of camping ideas that can make it more pleasurable and fun, but it all depends on your personal preferences. Some prefer a more secluded vacation somewhere in a tent far away from civilization.  And some prefer more open and comfortable campsites like glampings or caravans. But there is also another type of camping idea which includes more unique and outrageous places, like a tree house for example. The main point here is that the stuff you are going to experience whilst camping is directly affected by the place you choose. Here are 3 camping ideas for a fun weekend away:

1. Luxurious glamping

camping activities glamping

Glampings are the epitome of comfort when it comes to a camping experience. Those are the places for people that don’t want to necessarily detox from civilization but rather enjoy a relaxing vacation close to nature. You can always expect a nice bed and interior design when you are going glamping. Or if the place is particularly luxurious, a nice hot tub to enjoy with a glass of wine in the evening.  Those places also offer more quiet and harmonious activities, such as hiking or enjoying a cooking class. 

2. Old-fashioned camping

camping activities tent bonfire

And then, of course, there are places that require more effort and skill in terms of camping experience. Although, the area they are located in is usually full of beautiful untouched nature that make it way more fun and interesting to live on the edge of civilization. This type of camping is made for people who want to stay active and who also enjoy learning new skills. You can go berrypicking,  make a campfire or even try going to the forest to observe various animals. It’s definitely the experience that helps you reconnect outside!

3. A treehouse for adults

camping activities treehouse

Unique campings are definitely not for everyone but if you are an adventurous camper that accommodation is the best for you. For example, a treehouse is already an activity by itself because it has so many unknown features that it can take days to explore every little possibility with that housing. Every one of us dreamt about living in one when we were children. And now those enthusiastic adults have built them for adults to enjoy. These are the places that call out that inner explorer in us and let us be creative with how we approached this type of living situation.

After all, a camping idea is more than just a place you spend your nights at. It is also a place to relax and explore. 

Camping activities for kids

Going camping with kids can be difficult especially because they always require attention and even more caution when away from home. But there are fun and easy ways to keep you kids busy with those camping activities for kids.

1. Sports activities

Firstly, the easiest to recreate is of course sports. We suggest bringing as much sport equipment as you have in your house. Throw in all the palls, tennis rockets and ropes in your car trunk because you will definitely eat it all. 

2. Nature scavenger hunt

camping activities scavenger hunt

Another nice way to entertain you kids is to create a nature scavenger hunt. It is a good activity since you can prolong it for several days. For example, on the first day you make a list of things to be hunted. You can also decorate it and draw pictures together. And the next day you can start your hunt. Just be sure to add actual things that can be found in nature, like a particular flower or a specific kind of camping gear.

3. Cooking camping desserts

Everyone likes desserts, especially kids. It is also a nice way to encourage them during the day, if you promise campfire dessert in the evening. One of the most popular and by default the tasties camping desserts are smores. The best part is that they don’t need much effort and can be literally made even by a kid. So grab your favourite brand of marshmallow, chocolate and famous crackers to enjoy whilst being with your family near the campfire.

4. Hide and seek with a flash

camping activities skipping stones

This modification of hide and seek is even more fun than an original game. Just grab a flashlight, hide somewhere in the woods and help your opponents find you by only using a flashlight. But since this game can be quite dangerous in terms of getting lost, it would be useful to select a particular territory near your campsite and hide only there. That way you can be sure that no one is cheating or getting lost.

5. Camping charades

And back to the classics. Charades has already secured a title of the best family time game. You can play it anywhere you want but charades in nature are different. The theme is specifically focused only on the camping experience and makes it even more fun since you are actually in the most proper setting.

Top things to do while camping

But if you are struggling to figure out what to do as an adult don’t worry, we got you covered. Everyone will find at least a couple of things to do whilst camping after reading this list of top activities.

1. Skipping stones

Some people might think it is a silly activity but, in fact, it is even considered a sport. So make this lonely skipping stone activity into a competition. Firsty, pick the best stones and secondly compete for a prize, like eating the last slice of pizza or getting the best camping chair.  The only thing you need is a lake or a river and a desire to win. 

2. Looking for treasure

When you are somewhere far away from civilization, you never know what kind of treasures are hidden under the ground. So get a portable metal detector and head out to look for gold or at least old coins. Both are equally fun to find.

3. Picking berries and mushrooms

camping activities hiking

This activity is for those who love exploring the forest, looking at every leaf at every branch to enjoy the complexity of flora and fauna. Get yourself a little book of foods you can pick in a forest and head out to look for treasures but now more edible. Moreover, how surprised the rest of your camping team is going to be when they found out that some of the food on the table has actually come from the forest you live in.

4. Fossil hunting

Although fossil hunting is not available everywhere, it is still an exciting activity. You should learn about various types of fossils in advance and later figure out the best places for those ancient treasures. Moreover, when fossil hunting you can even find teeth from the extinct animals.This is definitely not your average camping trip.

5. Horror stories near the campfire

camping activities campfire

And moving to the ultimate camping activity- telling horror stories near a campfire. There is just something mystical about cold night air, owl noises and crackling of the campfire. Some think this atmosphere is relaxing and some find it scary. Any who, this is the best way to talk about all paranormal, at least it won’t feel as scary when you are together with your friends or family.

When you are thinking about camping activities and what to do whilst away in nature. Think about when you were a kid and it was so easy to just do fun stuff because you were curious and open to new experiences. So, use this childish curiosity when exploring the forest and inspire those around you to do the same. This is the easiest recipe for the funnest camping trip ever.

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