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Camping every season to reduce stress

Campspace ambassador Miranda is a camping fanatic who loves vintage campervans and caravans. Join her on her camping adventures through all seasons!

Outdoor activities

How to choose the best hiking gear

Going on a trek? Then good hiking gear is probably the most important thing to prepare. In this blog you can read exactly what you need to build the ultimate set of hiking equipment.

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Things to do during Pinksteren in the Netherlands

If you're living or staying in the Netherlands and want to make the most of your time off during the Dutch public holiday Pinksteren, otherwise known as Whitsunday or Pentecost, go outdoors!

Outdoor activities

Outdoor winter activities for kids

Are you planning on taking your family camping this winter season? Here’s a list of our favourite zero waste outdoor winter activities for all to enjoy!

Outdoor activities

Activities to do while winter camping

Looking to go winter camping but unsure what to do? Then look no further as we lay out some of our favourite winter activities!

Outdoor activities

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use a Compass

Since the GPS was invented using a compass is rare, but it is actually a handy skill - especially if you are out in nature with no signal or internet. And since we love outdoor adventures, we have made a guide to help you learn how to use a compass.

Tips & Tricks Outdoor activities

How to get into Climbing

Aren’t the views amazing at the top of a mountain? Well, when you learn how to get into climbing, that is all you will want to do!

Tips & Tricks Outdoor activities

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