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Romantic holiday destinations across Europe

Are you looking for the perfect romantic getaway to celebrate your love? Then look no further as we lay out our top 5 romantic holiday destinations in Europe.


The best staycations in Benelux

Staycations are becoming the next best thing due to constantly changing COVID restrictions. With limited options left, staying within your borders is not only becoming the new normal, it’s also the most sustainable and affordable way to enjoy a vacation.


Late Summer Holiday

Do you still want to go out in the late summer? We have listed a few beautiful camping spots and accommodations for a nice late summer holiday.


Unique Overnight Stays

Are you looking for unique overnight stays for your weekend away or holiday? You can book great glamping accommodations and campsites via Campspace.


Safari Tent Stays

Are you looking for safari tent stays? You will find beautiful small-scale places with a lot of comfort via Campspace!


Top 10 European Best Destinations

Need inspiration for your next vacation? This is our top 10 of European best destinations! This way you are assured of a unique holiday.


Holiday Ideas 2022

Are you looking for holiday ideas for 2022? We have listed some tips and ideas so you will have a great time during your holiday in 2022!

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9 Best National Parks in the UK

The best parks are the ones where you can have the full package experience of outdoor life and adventure. Here are the best national parks in the UK!

Destinations Tips & Tricks

Bell-tent stays

Are you looking for a beautiful bell-tent stay for your next glamping adventure? Through Campspace you will find many unique places for a special experience.


Tipi Stays

Have you always wanted to sleep in a tipi? You can book a number of great tipi stays via Campspace!


Camping with Fishing

Want to go camping with fishing opportunities? Check out the campspaces below!


Campsites with Swimming Pools

Looking for campsites with swimming pools? Below is a list of campspaces for you to enjoy a refreshing camping experience!


Wild Camping in France

Want to go wild camping in France? Experience the wild camping feeling at these campspaces!


Nature Camping in France

Looking for nature camping in France? Below is a list of the perfect campspaces for you to enjoy!


England’s Wildlife

England’s wildlife is more diverse than you think, and here’s a list of animals to spot on your next trip!

Destinations Outdoor activities

Campsites for Groups

Looking for campsites for groups? Here are the perfect campsites for a fun trip with multiple people!

Destinations Tips & Tricks

Treehouse Camping

Looking for places to go treehouse camping? Below are our treehouses you can visit for a weekend getaway!


Glamping in Ireland

Want to go glamping in Ireland? Below are a list of glamping campspaces that you can visit for a weekend getaway!


Motorhome Sites in Spain

Looking for motorhome campsites in Spain? Below are campspaces for your next adventure!


River Camping Near Me

Want to go river camping near me? Below are our campspaces for you to enjoy a lovely river camping trip.


The Ultimate Itinerary for a North Germany Road Trip

Are you as fascinated by North Germany as we are then plan a road trip through the region! When in North Germany you can follow our road trip itinerary completely or just gather some inspiration for your own trip!


Places to Camp Near Me

Looking for places to camp near me? Below is a list of campspaces for your next weekend getaway!


Alpaca Camping

Want to go alpaca camping? Below are our campspaces where you can enjoy the company of friendly alpacas!


Lake Camping

Want to go lake camping? Experience unique lake camping experiences with our campspaces below!



Want to go eco-camping? We have many campspaces to choose from for a sustainable trip!

Destinations Sustainability

Nearly Wild Camping

Want a near wild camping experience? Below are campspaces where you can enjoy a nature-rich experience!


Places to Camp

Looking for places to camp? Below, may be where you go for your next weekend getaway or holiday!


Green Camping

Do you want a green camping experience? Below are a list of sustainable campspaces where you can enjoy your holiday all while being environmentally friendly!


Nature Campsites

Looking for nature campsites? Below are all the campsites where you can immerse yourself in all the nature you want!


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