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5 reasons to apply for a scout visit

5 reasons to apply for a scout visit

We'll tell you all about the benefts of applying for our Scout Programme. Increase your exposure, bookings and gain your first experience with a guest!

Have you heard of our Scout Programme? It couples enthusiastic photographers with our lovely hosts for an exchange of services. The scouts are offered a free night, and in return they take photos of the hosts campspace and facilities. As you can imagine, not everyone who applies to become a scout is accepted - we truly value quality photos!

We’ll tell you exactly why you should sign up for a scout visit. The benefits are enormous. Here’s our top 5 reasons to apply for a scout visit!

1. Get mentioned on social media

A scout visit will increase your chances on getting mentioned on our socials. We value quality on our socials and scout photos help us achieve that. Getting mentioned on our socials helps getting the word out about your listing and will increase your exposure. Which make it a great marketing opportunity.

2. Capture your property looking its best

The photos shot by our scouts will truly reflect what your campspace is all about to the rest of the world. This isn’t just great for potential guests, you'll also have beautiful photos of your land, home and family to look back on for years to come! Our scouts will always try to take portraits of you and your family, if you are willing. This makes it a great opportunity for a family photo!

3. Trial run for your campspace

Starting your own mini campsite can seem daunting. You could look at your scout visit as a trial run before real guests begin arriving. Our scouts are seasoned campers and you can always ask them for feedback and tips on how to make hosting easier on you, and more comfortable for future guests.

Photographer: Toth Photos | Copyright: Toth Photos

4. Get considered for PR opportunities

We are regularly in contact with magazines and other media outlets that want to write about Campspace and our sustainable travel mission. As we want to represent our hosts and the company in a good way, we hand pick which spaces we contact about these PR opportunities. The photos are an important factor in that decision. Besides, these companies sometimes go to our website themselves, to find the spaces they want to write about. When the photos look good, the chances of them choosing your space to write about goes up tremendously.

5. Increase bookings by 300%!

Yes, you read that correctly: our statistics show that a scout visit can increase your bookings up to 300%! An incredible amount, don’t you agree? The new photos help to bring life to your page on our website and will show people your campspace through a guests’s eyes, which is what they like to see most.

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