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Camping for Beginners

Camping for Beginners

Want to sleep under the stars but have no idea how to camp? Well, you’re in good hands! This is how to go camping for beginners.

Welcome to the fun and incredible world of camping! Like everything, camping has its stereotypes, but we are here to prepare you so that there’s nothing to worry about but have fun. The camping community consists of all types of travellers, and we welcome and encourage everyone to try it at least once in your life. Though we must warn you, once you got a taste of your own camping experience, you might not stop! 

In this guide to camping, we’ll break down what the necessities are, provide some tips and even the best campspaces for your first camping trip!

Camping for beginners: ways to camp

Camping is for all types of travellers. Even for those who prefer luxury experiences! Below are ways you can camp, based on how you would like to sleep in nature. This is an easy way of starting out because how you sleep and stay at a campspace is how you will determine how comfortable you are or how adventurous you want to be!

Let’s get into the types of camping you can choose from!

camping with sunset

Tent camping 

Tent camping is the classic and basic type of camping. How easy bamping (back-to-basic camping) can be, depends on what kind of tent you have and if you’re travelling alone. Sleeping in a tent is a great way to feel cosy, close to nature, and stay safe from animals. Knowing how to pitch a tent is very useful in the long run if you love to be outdoors and plan on sleeping under the stars more. You can camp and various surfaces, it’s all up to how comfortable you want to be and what view you want to wake up to. Tent camping allows you to enjoy fresh air and for the most part can be simple to set up and take down. Everyone should try tent camping at least once in their life!

Camping for beginners

If you want to go wild-camping, make sure you have an experienced wild-camper with you, as this is not the easiest way to camp for beginners. Make sure it’s legal and permitted, or ask the landowners for permission. You must carry everything and set up your own tent without the benefits of a cleared space or facilities. 

A place where you can wild-camp is Dartmoor National Park in England, some areas are permitted as long as you follow basic rules like 'leave no trace'.

If wild camping is not permitted in your country, the best part about booking one of our campspaces is that you can get the feeling of wild camping, privacy and access to all the nature you want with permission! 

wild camping

Hammock camping

Hammock camping is like bringing your portable cocoon with you to the forest. It’s much lighter than a tent, and much easier and faster to set up. Here is a list of hammock camping sites you can go to! 

If you love spending time in the forest, hammock camping couldn’t be more perfect for you. All you need are 2 sturdy trees! Hanging between two trees, you can sleep safely above the ground and wake up to a great view. You can also bring more gear like a rain tarp and a mosquito net for hammocks if you want to be even more prepared. Compared to tent, hammock camping is not considered the most comfortable, but with the right suspension and proper sleeping pad, you can adjust it based on what’s most comfortable for you back. 


  • Take advantage of angles, heights, and locations. Hang up your hammock, in angle so that you’re facing the east and wake up to the morning sun! 

  • Hammock camping is perfect for groups as well, as you can “bunk bed” together! Or you can all hammock around the fireplace and easily enjoy good conversation and laughs. 

hammock camping

Motorhome camping

Motorhome campaign could perhaps be considered glamping as it’s a very practical, comfortable and luxurious way to go camping. Whether you want to rent a motorhome, you want to buy one, or you already have one, motorhome camping is a very fun and easy way to start your camping journey. Here is a list of motorhome campsites in the UK

Motorhome camping is basically driving in your own home! You have all your belongings and necessities close to you at all times, and you sleep more comfortably compared to tent or hammock camping. Furthermore, you can also just wake up and start driving. From the cloudy mountains to the sunny beaches in just a few hours perhaps! This may be a good option for you if you don’t want the responsibility of setting anything up for the night. 


  • Motorhome camping is extra convenient if you have kids!

  • Make your camping experience romantic and travel with your partner in a motorhome!

motorhome camping


This is the most luxurious way of camping. Glamp in a yurt, tipi tent, cabin, bungalow, wagon, or other accommodation, including special utilities! Where comfort meets nature, this way of camping is the best of both worlds. Despite it’s luxuries and included facilities, glamping is much more sustainable than booking a hotel. Escape the city stress and get the full holiday package while admiring the incredible nature. You barely need to prepare anything for glamping, just bring yourself! Maybe you want a more classic camping experience, but still have access to facilities, well campsites with ensuite facilities, is a great option for you! 


Camping preparation: clothing and gear

An important part to camping is being comfortable and not bringing too much! You must consider the duration of your camping trip, the climate and weather, as well as what kind of activities you’ll be doing.

When it comes to clothing, only bring what is needed to feel comfortable in the specific climate and weather you’re camping in, as well as to protect yourself from extreme weather. For gear, this varies depending on how you’re camping. Glamping requires little to no gear, and tent camping requires a bit of gear. Take into account how you’re packing your clothing and gear as well. 

Camping for beginners

What to bring for tent or hammock camping

  • All parts of tent/hammock

  • Rain tarp if needed

  • Proper sleeping pads and sleeping bags

  • Lanterns/torches and extra batteries

  • First aid kit

  • Cooking gear and utensils (opt for bamboo made utensils, they’re light, reusable and sustainable).

  • Skin protectant products like sunscreen and insect repellent (opt for eco-friendly products)

  • Toiletries and toilet paper

  • Duct tape

  • Bin bags

packing for camping

What clothing to bring

What clothing to bring is specifically explained and listed in our packing guide

Ultimately, you want to bring:

  • Your most comfortable shoes, preferably hiking shoes 

  • Multiple pairs of socks

  • Base layers for hotter climates are polyester t-shirts and shorts, and for colder climates, merino wool is the best. 

  • Outer layer will also depend on location and temperature, but a good rain and wind breaker is never useless to bring. 

  • A good backpack 


Camping food, snacks, and drinks

Camping food plays an important role in your experience! What is a camping trip without at least one fire cooked meal? Well, we have the best ideas to give you a filling and delicious dining experience! We encourage you to eat as much local produce and food as possible! Support local restaurants or go to farmer markets. Want to be extra prepared? Check out our camping food hacks that will make your trip so much easier. 

farmers market


Think pancakes are too difficult to prepare when camping? It doesn’t have to be! Bring ready-made pancake batter in a large bottle and pour it onto the hot pan over a fireplace. Viola! Your easy camping breakfast ideas can be found in our article. 

camping breakfast


In the middle of a hike or want to go on a picnic in the middle of nature? From various wraps to filling salads, our easy camping lunches will help you feel energized! Keep your lunches light and if it’s plant-based, that’s even better!

camping lunch


Dinner is perhaps the most popular meal, especially when it comes to camping. Whether you want the classic hot-dogs, or you want the full culinary experience and foil baked potatoes with protein-skewers, there’s so many easy meals to choose from. On a romantic trip? Try our campfire meals special edition, which includes dessert for those who have a sweet tooth!

camping dinner


Last but not least, who could forget camping snacks! When you’re out in nature, active and in the sun, it’s important to stay energized. Know what snacks that have all the nutrients you need. 

Camping activities 

If you’re not used to being very active outdoors, it’s better to start out easy and not overwork your body. Hiking, foraging, wildlife watching and stargazing are a few examples of what you can do! You can also check out the host’s page and see what the available activities are for that area. If you love being active and simply haven’t gotten around the camp before, water sports like kayaking, canoeing, swimming, fishing and more are fun if you're around a body of water. Biking is also often possible on many of our campspaces. You can always be creative and bring a deck of cards, Kubb, or other board games!

No matter what you choose, or if you choose to do nothing and just enjoy nature, it’s important you do what you want to do. 

kayaking next to horses

The best campspaces to visit for beginners

If you made it to the end of this page, there’s only one thing left to do and that’s to go check out these campspaces that are perfect for you! 

  1. At Janine’s campspace, you can sleep under an airplane wing at a small airport! This unique spot in Germany is a specious and flat area, perfect to pitch your tent for a few nights

tent under airplane wing

  1. At Ale’s campspace, you can hang your hammock in the incredible forest in Slovenia. Fall asleep to the soothing sounds of the Alpine river nearby and enjoy a peaceful stay.

hammock camping

  1. At Elmer’s campspace, you can admire the countryside and forest views in Germany. Park your motorhome, set up some camping chairs and bring your dog with you as well!

motorhome camping

  1. At Marieke’s campspace, appreciate the luxury of sleeping in a beautifully furnished tent and watching the sunset! This space in the Netherlands will give you the most relaxing experience!



  • Our hosts are friendly and happy to see you! You’re always welcome to ask them quesitons on where the best areas to explore or, maybe where to get ice cream in a nearby town! 

  • No matter what, make sure you have fun. Some travellers can make their trip more complicated than it needs to be! 

  • Campspace can help you become a sustainable traveler. Booking our campspaces reduces your CO2 emissions greatly compared to any holiday abroad by plane or hotel!

If you’re reading this, there’s only one thing left to do. Book a campspace! Your trip is just around the corner and experience a rich camping experience in the beauty of your own country. If you enjoyed this guide to camping, you might like our foraging guide as well! 

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