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The Best 5 Camping Gadgets

The Best 5 Camping Gadgets

Camping can be challenging sometimes, but that is what makes it fun! Fancy camping, but not in for the challenge? These 5 best camping gadgets might help!

Cool camping gadgets

The world is developing rapidly nowadays. You can find almost everything you need in a store and multiple new inventions are making our life easier each day. The camping industry is also experiencing a major change in terms of comfort. Now there are a bunch of cool camping gadgets available on the market. Each gadget will make the trip more enjoyable and fun. In this article we share the best camping gadgets of 2022 that every camper should have in their backpack! 

1. Modular survival shovel

What is a camper without a shovel, right? But this 18-in-1 portable shovel is more than just a gardening tool, it is survival gear. The shovel is made from a military grade aluminum which makes it lighter and it only weighs 2.5 pounds. The tools it combines are so versatile, it is almost impossible to believe. The production company offers a lifetime warranty and a nice waterproof pouch to keep the shovel protected from the outer environment. 

2. Portable espresso maker

Who doesn’t want a fresh cup of coffee in the morning? This portable espresso machine is a lifesaver for those who can’t start the day without some caffeine. It works manually and the only thing you will need is ground coffee and some water. Just press the button and you’ll get yourself this precious drink.

portable coffee maker gadgets for camping

3. Portable wood burning campstove

This gadget is the best invention for camping so far. This portable camp stove can convert the heat from the campfire into electricity, making it possible to charge your phone or make the atmosphere cozier by turning on the LED lights. This campstove has 50% more power than any other device on the market, battery charge indicator and speed fan option. It only weighs around 1 kg, which is very light considering the number of functions it provides.

4. Portable mosquito repeller

Do you know that feeling when you are trying to enjoy a cozy night outside your tent but feel so annoyed by all the mosquitoes flying around and humming your ear? This mosquito repeller is something completely new on the market and as all the featured gadgets are very technological. The only thing you need to do is pick a location for this small device, stick the Allethrin cartridge inside and there you have it, a 4,5 meters mosquito-free zone. The device almost creates a dome around itself and everyone underneath that helps to keep the insects away. It comes with 1 cartridge that works for around 12 hours and 3 insect repellent mats. 

5. Solar camp shower

When you are camping somewhere far in the wild there is nothing better than going for a quick swim in a river or lake. Unfortunately, not all the locations are rich in that aspect, so this portable shower can be the best camping investment. It heats up water from the solar panels and pushes it out through an attached shower head for a more comfortable experience. The only thing you need to do is find a place that is high enough to hang the shower bag, pour some water in and enjoy a relaxing shower in the wild.

gadgets for camping outdoor shower

Wanna use these best camping gadgets? Check out those mini campsites to explore conventional camping. Or book a comfortable holiday at one of those glampings to enjoy luxurious facilities after a long week of work.

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