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How do you get your first booking as a host

How do you get your first booking as a host

Have you just become a host on Campspace? In this blog you will find practical tips to make your Campspace stand out and we will help you with the first bookings of your pitch or accommodation.

Dear host,

Welcome to our platform!

How nice that you have created your space on Campspace and are ready to start hosting! In this article we’ll help you get those first bookings in the bag. There are a number of things you can do to get more people to visit your space.

Hosts on Campspace. Photographer: Toth Photos | Copyright: Toth Photos

The power of social media

There is no getting away from it, social media is the best way to get more exposure for your space, so post a link to your camp space on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other platform you can think of. Get your friends to share your posts too to reach even more people!

Another option is to organise a giveaway together with Campspace. In exchange for a free night at your place for one of our followers, we will post pictures and a link to your campspace on our channels. Does this sound interesting to you? Then contact our Content team at media@campspace.com.

Your perfect page

Now that a lot of potential guests are using social media to get to your space, it is important to make your page as attractive as possible. We know your space is fantastic, but make sure you show this to your potential bookers as well. Here are a few tips on how to make your space stand out:

A picture says a 1000 words

Photos are very important for our bookers. Make sure the photos are clear and also show the facilities. Especially the first photo is important because it will be the first one to show up in the camp space overview.

Not a born photographer? No problem! Choose our scout programme.

In exchange for a free night's stay, we will send a professional scout to take photos for your page and write your first comprehensive review. Scouted spaces generally get 300% more bookings!

Photographer: Toth Photos | Copyright: Toth Photos

Creating a good description

What makes your campspace unique? Write these points down and make it clear in your description, preferably at the beginning. Potential guests often search for different categories on our platform such as camp space for dogs, with a campfire or

in a certain region. Think about which categories you fall into and clearly state this in your title and description. If you click on general information in the host menu and then on the button View, you will see how your page looks for our bookers! Finally, we would like to give you the tip to write a story about yourself, as our guests enjoy this. You can do this in the host menu under 'profile and payments'. There is a button 'pass to.


It is a bit of work to get everything right but once it is, your page is rock solid. Our bookers often select spaces based on their facilities. Make sure these are configured properly. It would be a shame if potential bookers didn't see your space because they had a filter on hot showers when you do have them. We also often see landlords not properly specifying the number of pitches. If you have 15 tent pitches and it's listed at 1, people won't be able to book if someone has already done so. Adjust this in the landlord menu under 'pitches'. Finally, it is important to add your sustainability measures. Do you use organic cleaning products? Super good! Also let your guests know that you consider sustainability of paramount importance. This can be adjusted in the landlord menu under 'General info & pictures' and that on the button 'extra info'.


Another important point is to pay attention to your availability. Rejecting bookings is not good for your reputation. Make sure you fill in when you are not available. Do you use multiple platforms? Then synchronise your calendars. You can adjust all this in the host menu under 'availability & calendars'. If you need help, don't hesitate to contact us.

Adding extras

Do you also provide breakfast? Do you also want to rent out your kayak at your space? Or do you have any other nice extras for your guests? There is a possibility to add these to your bookings. You can do this by adding them in the hosts menu under 'products, services & experiences'.

The bookings are coming in, and now what?

Your first bookings have arrived! Now you have to accept them. You will first receive a request. Please note that a booking request expires within 48 hours! If you don't respond in time, the request will automatically be rejected. Do you want people to be able to book directly without having to make a request first? Then turn on instant booking! This can be done in the host menu under 'General info & pictures' under the button 'extra info'.

Need help?

We hope this has given you enough tips and tricks to make renting out your home a success. If you are still not sure about certain things or would like a fresh look at your account. Please contact our host team at host@campspace.com. We are happy to help! You’ll find our host guide here which contains a detailed description of all features as well.

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