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9 Best National Parks in the UK

9 Best National Parks in the UK

The best parks are the ones where you can have the full package experience of outdoor life and adventure. Here are the best national parks in the UK!

Conserving and enhancing natural wildlife and culture, as well as providing the public with the unique opportunity to explore and appreciate natural beauty, is what makes national parks great. At Campspace, we believe in the importance of being outdoors in nature. It’s a boost to your mental and physical wellbeing, and just a refreshing experience away from urban stresses. Close to some of these national parks are campspaces you can stay at! Create the weekend getaway with multiple activities and beautiful nature. From wildlife watching, hiking, biking, going for a picnic with your families to simply admiring and exploring land, it’s an adventure waiting for you!

Here are the 9 best national parks in the UK to visit that will fill up your weekends for the next 10 weeks!

1. Snowdonia

In the incredibly picturesque Wales, is the highest peak in England and Wales, the Snowdon. A national park perfect for walking and hiking, with incredible views as you can be over 1000 meters high in altitude. Head over to the caves underground for a unique experience, or bring your bikes and cruise the tracks. 

Furthermore, you can go glamping in a lotus belle tent with a hot tub and breathtaking scenery. Louise’s campspace is located very close to the park. Allow yourself to immerse in nature, and give yourself a weekend to relax and explore!

Best National Parks UK Snowdonia

2. Yorkshire Dales

If you want to go for long strolls or bike rides past waterfalls and green valleys, you should consider Yorkshire Dales national park. From the dramatic limestone cliffs to the local creamery, experience peace and quiet in the Northern English nature. 

3. Loch Lomond & the Trossachs

The beautiful locks of Scotland are a must-see, and what better way to do so than visiting the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs. This unique name represents a unique place. “Trosachs” actually refers to romantic lochs, rolling hills, waving forests and charming villages between of Loch Lomon and Stirling.

Best National Parks UK Loch Lochmond

4. Northumberland

Considered the best in England, Northumberland is the least populated park, which makes it peaceful and quiet. Every thought of going stargazing? Well, you can lose yourself in the magical night of this national park at night, or enjoy the fairytale experience by day. Perfect for hikers and walkers, you can also pass by castle ruins and ancient hill forts. 

5. Pembrokeshire

Considered the best park in Wales, here you can walk 300 km, admire 58 beaches and appreciate volcanic headlands. Go wildlife watching as you can spot some puffins and other birds. If you’re interested in birdwatching, have a look at our birdwatching guide! This coastal park will blow your mind, and not because it’s windy by the sea, but the nature is simply incredible.

If that wasn’t enough, stay atMaxine’s Springfield farm in the park itself and wake up a few days in the middle of it all. With your tent or a motorhome, buy local fresh produce from Maine herself, or perhaps try out fresh lobster and crab at a nearby restaurant! 

Best National Parks in the UK Pembrokeshire

6. Dartmoor park

Located in the warmest part of England is Dartmoor National park, which offers various outdoor activities and opportunities. From hiking, biking, canoeing, and horseback riding, you can plan an active day with your friends or family! For those who love to learn new things and find interest in the historical significance, this park is perfect for you. 

7. Peak District

With some of the purest natural mineral water in the world, Peak District is an incredible park made up of gritstone edges, limestone dales and hills, and beautiful farmland. The water is so pure because it is naturally filtered from running down porous rocks for hundreds of meters. Want a view of it all? Stay at this beautiful campspace!

Best National Parks UK Peak District

8. Cairngorms

Perfect for families, Cairngorms National Park is certainly a Scottish treasure. You can stroll past castles, learn about the distilleries and delve yourself in multiple outdoor activities. From water sports, wildlife watching, walking and cycling, it’s all possible! 

9. Brecon Beacons

Last but not least? Brecon Beacons in the rich Scottish countryside promises majestic mountains, luscious greenery, sparkling bodies of water and wildlife wonders. A perfect space to recharge and reconnect outside, find yourself admiring the waterfalls and hiking up one of the five highest mountains in the UK. Bring your friends and family and make this a weekend journey!

Best National Parks UK Brecon Beacons

So there you have it, the best national parks in the UK. Where do you start? Perhaps from the top? Maybe based on activity? Well, if you ask us, you should always start by booking one of our campspaces, and sleep wake up exactly where you want to be. 

So don’t wait, book your spot on a campsite in the UK!

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