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How to Start Walking

How to Start Walking

Want to learn how to start walking more? Here are the ways you can include walking in your life!

Whether you enjoy walks, but don’t go on them enough or have any motivation, or you don’t enjoy walks but want to learn how to, this is the right place to be. Taking baby steps towards a healthy life is important. And no matter what, we can assure you, you can learn how to start walking and enjoy it in no time!

Walking has multiple health benefits, requires no equipment, costs nothing and is one of the best ways to start your journey to become more active. One of the most sustainable activities, walking can boost your mental and physical well-being. Furthermore, just like starting out with any new activity, it’s all about creating an environment that works best for you. We all have preferences, so here are five ways to start walking and make it one of the most enjoyable activities!

You are in good shape to start

If you're reading this, chances are you are mentally ready to make a change in your life. That in itself is already the best state you can be in! Our bodies can be much stronger than we think sometimes, because it’s about mental power as well. 

The first step to starting a new activity and habit is to be mentally prepared. Know that walking isn’t supposed to be a chore in your day, but rather a way of enjoying outdoor life, taking time for yourself, feeling refreshed or for many other reasons that benefit you! In fact, slow travel is a concept you should consider, and we have created a guide on slow travel for you!

Also understand that you shouldn’t challenge yourself to walk fast, or walk for multiple kilometres, if your body isn’t used to it. That is how you can easily hurt or damage your body, which will only prevent you from walking sooner. 

You’re in good shape to start, and starting shouldn’t be a sprint to the finish line. Starting is all about testing the waters, exploring yourself and finding ways to enjoy the activity! 

How to Start Walking

Comfortable shoes

This is one of the most important parts when it comes to most physical activities outdoors; you have to have comfortable shoes. Comfort and the safety of your joints and feet are vital. Many sports have specific shoes specifically designed to help benefit players. As walking is not as intense, most outdoor sneakers will do just great, but you should own a pair that are durable, supportive and comfortable for you. 

Comfortable shoes defer per person, and there is no rule book to finding the perfect walking shoes but if you can see yourself wearing them all day outside, they sound great!

How to Start Walking

Bring company

There is the idea that home is not a place, but a feeling. And the people you’re with are what give you the feeling of home. The same can be applied to activities! We are social beings, and what brings us the most joy in life are the people we trust, care, and can share laughs with. Thus, what better way is there than to start a new activity with your favourite people! 

If you don’t want to walk alone, walk with someone. Whether it’s your family, friends, partner or someone new, walking is a great way for you to explore an area and bond with people. You can talk to each other about what you find interesting, or admire nature together, and before you know it, the discussions are more engaging than the walk, and you’re already in a new location! 

How to Start Walking

Listen to music or podcasts

We believe in reconnecting with nature, so less focus on technology would be best. 

However, you’re only starting out and as long as you use your phone as a way to enhance your experience, like take pictures or listen to music, it’s great that you are outside in the first place! 

If you love the idea of taking time for yourself and getting out of the house to walk alone, walking can still be very engaging. As you may have seen, many runners wear headphones, so they are probably listening to their favourite music or podcast! In fact, it's common to listen to songs with specific beats per minute (BPM) so that it's more fun or easier to run because you're just going to the beat. You can do the exact same for walking! 

So bring your headphones, create a playlist of your favourite songs, and go for a walk. Want a more engaging or educational walking session? Explore podcasts and discover different topics that are discussed! For example, there are multiple sustainable travelling podcasts on Spotify for you to check out. Listening to podcasts while walking is a great way to learn something new, admire nature, and move your body simultaneously. 

How to Start Walking

Campspaces with beautiful areas to go walking

Walking is one thing, but where you’re walking is another. Walking is movement, exploring and discovering! So choose locations where you can engage all your senses! Multiple studies link the increase of mental and physical wellbeing to walking and activities outdoors in nature. Green spaces help refresh and calm our minds, making nature the perfect place to be in to be happy. 

Luckily for you, all our campspaces are unique in their own ways and hold a lot of beautiful nature. If you’re looking for campspaces with specific scenery, below are examples to get you start campspaces with lots of nature and beautiful scenery where you can enjoy walks:

Stroll through a magical forest

Forests are incredibly peaceful and beautiful. Experience a real life Dutch fairytale as the sun beams light through the leaves, and there are various types of plants and animals around. From birds and squirrels to foxes and wild boars, go wildlife watching while strolling through the tall trees. This campspace is a magical experience with nature you would want to walk around in. Want more magical forest experiences? Camp in the forest!

How to Start Walking

Climb playful hills

Hills are very fun to explore! You can appreciate the challenging but manageable climbs and enjoy the incredible views when you reach the top. Experience the sunny and peacefully located camspace of Pereira in Portugal. Play with the hills as you can explore the nature around a still lake, or appreciate a full moon on a night walk. If you have one, bring your dog with you to make your walking adventures more fun!

How to Start Walking

Wander around a picturesque lake

Lakes are tranquil, giving you a great place to take a breather and just appreciate the water reflecting the sky and nature around you. In the incredible Peru, wander around the majestic mountains and picturesque lakes. Allow yourself to walk around and immerse into your environment and feel the crisp air and gorgeous nature. 

How to Start Walking

Walk on a breezy beach

Many people love a good walk on the beach, and we understand why! From the incredible view of the horizon, you can walk on the beach at sunset and experience the French golden hour. Glamping is your ultimate comfort and luxury camping experience that you deserve every once in a while. This is certainly not a bad place to start your walking journey! Perhaps you can ditch your shoes for this location, allow your toes to sink in the soft sand and feel the water!

How to Start Walking

So there you have it! Your walking journey is only starting, and there’s so many beautiful locations with breathtaking nature to explore. Our hosts are excited to meet you and give you tips on the best walking paths in their area! 

So what are you waiting for? Book your next adventure now!

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