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Winter Activities - The 6 Best Activities During Camping

Winter Activities - The 6 Best Activities During Camping

Looking for fun winter activities? Go out and enjoy nature! Being outdoors is healthy for your body and mind. Too cold? There are enough inspiring indoor activities too.

1. Camping

Camping might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about winter activities. But it is something you definitely need to try. The campsite is probably calm and you might have the whole place to yourself. Super relaxing and the perfect way to recharge. Of course in winter you need to take some extra steps to keep it warm, but with these winter camping essentials it is easy peasy. All you then have to do is enjoy the relaxing weekend away and the magical moments you will experience during winter camping. 

Looking for a place to stay? Have a look at those campsites that are open in winter and these campsites that allow campfires. Looking for more comfort? Try glamping or go sleep in a yurt, or go for a lodge cabin stay

Winter Activities CampingWinter Activities Yurt

2. Walking or Hiking

Walking is the perfect way of enjoying winter wonderland. You can wear warm clothes and good shoes to protect yourself from the cold. Good winter boots can also help you hold your grip when it is slippery. Wander around as much as you like, either make it a stroll through a city you have always wanted to visit or a beautiful forest. After your walk, jump into a nice cafe or pub and treat yourself to hot chocolate and cake or a warm meal. 

Want to go a bit more extreme? Go hiking! There are numerous paths that are open in winter, especially when there is not too much snow, but they aren’t that busy. On a clear winter day it is as well very fulfilling to see the views during a different season. 

Fun fact: there are many health benefits of walking

Winter Activities Walking

3. Ice Skating

When it is cold enough and all the lakes and canals are frozen, go out and go ice skating. Go for a long tour and challenge yourself to skate like a pro, or just go around the lake a few times and try some pirouettes. Don’t be too afraid of falling down. Of course it can be tough when you do fall on the ice, but if you just play around not too much can happen. Afterwards treat yourself to a warm drink, like hot chocolate or even a glühwein. 

Is it not cold enough? Then try ice skating in an indoor hall. Not that same magical feeling, but still so much fun! 

Winter Activities Ice Skating

4. Visit a Museum

On rainy days there is nothing better than visiting a museum. Who doesn’t have a long list of museums that you want to visit? Pick one of those or try to find one that not only is informative but also lets you be interactive. A nature museum is super interesting too. It might make you aware of how beautiful Mother Earth is and how we should be doing everything to protect her. 

Winter Activities Visit a Museum

5. Try a Vegan Restaurant

At Campspace we are busy changing the travel niche. The travel niche has quite a big impact on the environment and we want to make you aware of how you can travel differently. It’s not only about your way of travelling, but also in the things you do during a trip. That is why we want to challenge you to go to a vegan restaurant this winter! Be amazed by the flavours the food has and see how great food can be without eating meat and diary. It is not that we want you to go vegan completely, but it is nice to try new things and to look at food differently. By having one vegan day a week you are already saving a lot of animals, water and CO2.

Winter Activities Vegan Food

6. Take a Guided Tour With a Forester

Besides changing the way we look at travel, we want you to go outside as much as you can. It is healthy and, like we said, it will make you aware that we have to take care of Mother Earth. But instead of taking your usual walk, go for a walk with a forester. He or she will teach you many new things and you will get to know things about nature you didn’t know before. 

Other fun guided tours are tours with for example a bird watcher or sign up for a workshop foraging. It really will change your perspective and being one with nature during this season is liberating. 

With these guides you might also be able to do it yourself:

Winter Activities Foraging

What are your favourite winter activities? Let us know! We are always looking for fun new ideas. 

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