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Health Benefits of Walking

Health Benefits of Walking

What are the health benefits of walking? Here are multiple ways you can improve your wellness!

Advantages of walking

Perhaps you’ve seen or heard of race walking, the unique looking Olympic sport. Well, there’s a reason it’s competitive, this cardiovascular and technical-driven endurance sport is good for your whole body! 

Walking may not be a better workout than running or cycling, but it can be a better exercise choice for many people. Whether you choose to take a brisk 10-min walk, or a stroll for a few hours, you will feel better afterwards. Because walking is a lower impact exercise, it can be done for longer periods of time. It’s just important to keep it consistent and gradually improve over time. 

We all know that exercise is important, but let’s break down the health benefits of the simplest exercise of them all. Then, we have a list of the perfect weekend getaways where you can enjoy strolling around n the most beautiful nature.

Improves your mental wellbeing

1. Mood boosting

Walking can boost your mood as it helps boost endorphins, which are the “feel-good” chemicals in your brain. 

In addition, walking isn’t supposed to be a task. It’s supposed to be an enjoyable experience, whether it’s admiring your surroundings, listening to your favourite music or talking with your friends! Walking can boost your mood because you simply enjoy what you’re doing. If you can take a walk in nature that’s away from the city, that’s where you can breathe in the freshest air. 

benefits of walking

2. Reduces stress

As this is generally a more physically low intensity activity, your brain is forced to slow down as well. By clearing your head and thinking more about your present surroundings, you feel less stressed. Perhaps the thought of strolling through the moss covered forest grounds, hearing the birds chirp in the trees, and warm sunlight beam through the leaves is enough to calm you. Well, actually being in that setting is guaranteed to make you feel less stressed. Walking is also a way of physically removing yourself and creating more distance from an area where you were previously stressed, which helps you feel more relaxed. 

benefits of walking

3. Improved sleep

Furthermore, as you reduce your stress, you can also improve your sleep. By being outside and exposing yourself to natural light at a curtain part of the day, you create a strong circadian rhythm. Whether you take a walk in the morning, at lunch or in the afternoon, you create a healthy routine for yourself. The walk doesn’t have to be more than 10 minutes, but keeping it consistent is what will also keep your sleep quality more consistent. 

sleeping in nature

Improves physical wellbeing

1. Improves posture

Having good posture affects your physical health and vice versa. If you have poor posture, this can negatively affect your daily life and simple physical tasks. Walking naturally encourages a strong posture because when you're increasing your speed, your muscles work harder to keep you upright. This also connects to improving your balance and overall practising a safe exercise for your joints. However, being aware of your posture when walking will significantly help you. 

What you want to do is:

  • Look ahead of yourself and keep your chin up. By looking down at the ground, your shoulders slouch forward.

  • Tighten your core and keep your shoulders down and back.

woman standing in front of lake

2. Improves endurance

Walking can increase muscle strength, which then improves your endurance. As walking is low-intensity, you should be able to do it for a longer period of time. You also want to be able to do daily tasks without getting tired, or feeling pain and discomfort! Overtime, you can add some weight, like a backpack with things to improve it further. If you’re just starting out, go slow and start with 5 minutes of walking every day until you feel comfortable!

walking the forest

3. Prevents non-communicable diseases

Non-communicable diseases (such as obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes) can’t be transmitted from person to person and are rather a combination of genetic, physiological, lifestyle, and environmental factors. Good health can help prevent non-communicable diseases, so a consistent activity and a balanced diet is the best. By improving your cardio, you’re already one step towards good health. 

Walking and being outdoors, especially in nature, are indirect solutions to preventing these health risks! So, walk a bit every day, and you’ll feel the difference over time.

hiking in nature

Now that you know the mental and health benefits of walking, it’s time to start practising having fun! Start small and work your way up. Start walking to the grocery store and take the stairs instead of the elevator. Once you feel like you’ve accomplished these things, create another goal for yourself. Ask yourself if you can walk from point A to B, and see your lifestyle improve. 

Campspace you must visit for the best walking experiences

There are multiple advantages of hiking in nature, but the best one must be that you create your own holiday-feeling experience by going to a campspace in local areas. Here are campspaces that are perfect for anyone who wants to admire nature, breathe in crisp air, and feel relaxed. 

1. A weekend at a romantic farmhouse? Emily’s campspace in England is perfect for dog owners, bring your furry friend and enjoy a walk together in the peaceful countryside! 

walking in nature

2. Fancy a campspace by the beach? Quirien’s campsite in the Netherlands has the best walking experiences! Walk to the lake and collect your own oysters or spot the seals! You can also walk and scout for a nice spot to watch the sunset. In the summer, Quirien offers yoga classes in the morning if you wish to try out something new as well!

drone picture of sunset

3. Tom’s campspace in Belgium is a green paradise! Feel fresh with nature and get lost in the forest. Or choose to walk on the many walking paths! (;

beautiful forest

4. This park garden campspace in Germany is peaceful and private. Bianca is happy to recommend where to go for a lovely countryside walk!

cows in a field

5. An old charm with mountain views is Robert’s campspace in Italy where you can explore the areas with sun in your face!


Now you know what to do and where to go! So, what are you waiting for? Your walking adventures and weekend getaways are just around the corner, book now!

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