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Outdoor winter activities for kids

Outdoor winter activities for kids

Are you planning on taking your family camping this winter season? Here’s a list of our favourite zero waste outdoor winter activities for all to enjoy!

It’s challenging for many people to find the motivation to go outside during the winter - our natural tendency is to snuggle up and hibernate until spring rolls around. However, winter is actually a great time to get your family together for some fun family activities in the great outdoors. Not only is it a great way to avoid cabin fever but the crisp, cool air is great for your health. Book a family-friendly campspace to enjoy winter outdoors and reconnect with your loved ones. If you're planning a real outdoors adventure, remember to bring thermal layers, extra warm socks and a sleeping bag meant for winter! Whether you're staying in a cabin or a tent, we've compiled a list of our favourite winter activities for you - complete with funny family games, outdoor activities for kids, nature activities for toddlers and all-natural, zero waste fun for the whole family.

A winter scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is always a great way to build excitement, be it for children or adults This is an especially fitting nature activity for toddlers. We’ve come up with our very own  Campspace winter scavenger hunt for you to strengthen your curiosity and creativity and become more aware of your surroundings – all while learning about nature! Check out our winter scavenger hunt, below.

Natural stained glass ornaments

Take advantage of the nights getting colder this winter with this ingenious fun family activity. Check the weather – if it is going to freeze, try this fun nature activity with your whole family. Although it’s optional, we recommend bringing some twine with you on your next Campspace trip as it will allow you to hang your natural stained glass ornament from a tree. To create these cheerful baubles:

  • Pour a little bit of water into a bowl or bucket (the water should be no more than 5cm deep). 

  • Submerge gathered twigs, leaves or other plant life- the more colourful, the better. 

  • Don't forget to place the twine into the water with the ends hanging out before leaving outside overnight, to freeze. 

  • The next morning you can hang it up and enjoy the fleeting beauty of your colourful, light-catching ornament. 

Ice Ornaments

Nature mandala

We can find patterns throughout nature: in cobwebs, leaves, shells, and snowflakes. Not only is pattern-spotting a great outdoor activity, but while you’re at it, you can gather items to make your own nature mandala. 

  • Gather materials for your mandala. These can range from twigs, pebbles, leaves and petals.

  • Make sure you have a space to work. Choose one object to be your unifying centre. Begin working outwards in concentric circles using different colours and textures for each layer. You should be creating a circular pattern, radiating from the centre point. Once you’re done, you can enjoy your unique creation and those of your family members. Don’t forget to take a photo of your mandala and share it on Instagram tagging @campspacecom. We’re excited to see what you’ve made!

Mud faces

This is another great nature activity for toddlers! Rain and therefore, mud, are common attributes of the winter season. Rather than jumping in mud puddles, why not make a mud face. While you're out exploring, gather leaves, rocks, twigs, bracken – anything you can find! With some thick mud, you can start constructing your clay face. If you want to bring in the holiday cheer, try making Santa's face- use lichen for his beard and a red leaf for his hat. Be prepared for things to get messy so make sure you have plenty of water or even a shower at your campspace. 

Winter Activity Tip: Remember to leave no trace- avoid picking flowers or breaking twigs off of trees for these activities; instead, look for items that have already fallen. 

If you are looking for more inspiration, check out our favorite winter-specific activities. The possibilities are endless, so pack your bags and enjoy all mother nature has to offer.

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