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Birdwatching Guide

Birdwatching Guide

Birds are fascinating animals. If you’re looking for a new hobby, we have created a birdwatching guide to get you started!

From city pigeons to wild woodpeckers, you don’t need to travel far to see birds as they can be found just about anywhere! When you go camping in the forest, mountains, beach or countryside, you can find more unique birds than the common pigeon, ravens and crows.

In fact, there’s no better way to go birdwatching than to camp under the trees they live in! Give yourself a proper weekend getaway in nature, and visit various campspaces located in or near forests where you can spot new species. Not only will you enjoy spotting colourful feathers or fun bird behaviour, but enjoy the cosiness of your tent and feel even more connected to nature. 

Let’s not wait, here are five tips to start your birdwatching journey!

birdwatching guide bird

Five tips to start your birdwatching journey

Become and early bird 

Are you familiar with “the early bird gets the worm”? Well, this could not be more relevant for beginner birdwatchers! To catch birds in action, go when they're looking for food at dawn. This is why going to a campspace may help, when you wake up, you’re already in nature and ready to observe the beauty of these animals. They might even be the ones to wake you up! Thus, there’s no need to get up and ready to drive to a new location. 

You can observe birds at other times as well, but they won’t be as active, especially around noon. If you are determined to spot various species and observe behaviour, it’s much easier and more interesting to see them chirp and be active when the sun rises. 

birdwatching guide birds


Small birds up in the trees and more earthy feathered birds may be harder to spot with the naked eye. And while you do not need an expensive pair of binoculars, they do make bird watching easier and more fun! The whole point is to be able to see them properly, right?

So make sure to borrow, buy or bring a pair! 

birdwatching guide bird binoculars


For all the photography enthusiasts and nature photographers, bring your camera! Many have to go great lengths to get a good picture so while phones may suffice, if you want the good quality zoom and to catch birds in action, you want to bring your device with proper shutter speed settings. Not to mention all the beautiful images you can show your friends, family or colleagues! 

birdwatching guide

Scout around quietly

Bird watching requires patience. You can’t expect to see an eagle immediately upon arrival in the woods or nature reserve. Nonetheless, it’s one of the most rewarding feelings once you do spot one! In order to ensure you have a higher chance of seeing various types of these animals, you need to scout around quietly. Birds can fly, so they can be very quick if they need to! The last thing you want to do is startle or scare a rare bird away when you do notice them.

Some tips to stay quiet when scouting around are:

  1. Avoid stepping on twigs and branches on the ground, which can snap and make noises 

  2. Avoid talking to your bird watching companion, whispering is your best bet

  3. Avoid gasping or other sudden noises when you do spot a bird 

birdwatching guide

Where to go

If you’re travelling or are lucky to live or be in the Netherlands, Belgium or Spain, here are six incredible campspaces for a rich birdwatching trip! 

1. Camp in the middle of the forest next to a pond at Tim’s campspace in Hechtel-Eksel, Vlaanderen, België! Not only can go birdwatching in this little paradise, but spot some foxes and boars as well. Enjoy some peaceful meditating by the pond, or perhaps go fishing!

birdwatching guide

2. Enjoy panoramic views in an oasis of tranquility at Jett and Joost’s campspace in La Fresneda, AR, Spain! Smile at the sound of silence and appreciate what the warm country has to offer. Your hosts will cook paella every Saturday, so after a long day of birdwatching and photography, you can enjoy some delicious Spanish goodness!

birdwatching guide

3. Sleep peacefully at Yves’ campspace in Aarschot, Flanders, Belgium! Birds thrive in this idyllic location. Accompanied by some frogs, fish, and donkeys, birds won’t be the only thing you’ll be watching! You’ll have a perfect view of the sunrise, with lots of light to see the birds.

birdwatching guide

4. Experience a special place in the greenery at Katriens Campspace in Schorisse, Flanders, Belgium! In the meadows with the view of the rolling landscapes, there will be lots of beauty surrounding you. For those who don’t mind a little luxury, just bring yourself to this already accommodated campspace!

birdwatching guide

5. Wander in the woods of de Hoge Veluwe at Janneke’s campspace in Arnhem, Gelderland, Netherlands! A picture is worth 1000 words, but there is also a lot to say with what it doesn’t show. This campspace is located in a unique area where you can experience peace by their farmhouse. You won’t be the only one birdwatching, as foxes forage in the garden as well!

birdwatching guide

6. Birdwatching in the beautiful waterland at Maarten’s campspace in Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands! This area is close to the city centre, yet you feel so detached from it. Here you can enjoy their wonderful garden with opportunities to go hiking in the area where you can spot Dutch birds!

birdwatching guide

Want to book multiple trips? Do not hesitate to explore our Campspace map to see campspaces near you or places you want to visit!

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