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Camping in West-Vlaanderen

Camping in West-Vlaanderen

Camping is becoming more and more popular amongst tourists, since it requires less preparation and is available almost within the 30-minute driving distance.

But camping in West-Vlaanderen definitely has a whole different feeling to it.  West-Vlaanderen is a Belgian province located near the North Sea. The province itself is a part of Dutch-speaking region called Flanders (or Flemish region). It is quite big and is the only coastline of Belgium. Of course, the province has rich flora and fauna but it also offers an opportunity to spend time sunbathing on a beach. This kind of ‘all inclusive’ can rarely be met in the north of Europe.  Due to the big number of tourists coming from Belgium or neighboring countries, the province has lots of camping spaces to offer. 

The best campsites in West-Vlaanderen

One of the main aspects that you should consider, when camping West-Vlaanders is how far you want to be from the beach and how important the seclusion from civilization is for you. When you have decided on that point, picking a camping spot will be much easier. 

For example, if you prefer a private retreat far away from the crowd, it would be better to look for something in the middle of the province, where there are lots of forests. This campspace near a small village offers an opportunity to enjoy privacy and not sacrifice on the fun leisure activities. The place itself is located in a green garden with the tree wall that separates you from the host, so it would feel almost like living in the forest. The hosts offer you all the necessities to make you own fire and cook yourself a well-deserved meal. Moreover, the activities around this area are quite diverse. For example, for those interested in culture and art, you can visit the nearby Oudenaarde town, explore its museums and later eat out in a Belgian restaurant. Or if you are keen on sports, you can always take a golf course on a close by field or enjoy the windsurfing in the town water club. But keep in mind although this location offers so much, there is one problem-the beach is way too far.

So, if you just want yourself a nice simple beach vacation, there is a place for you. This campspace offers the best opportunity to enjoy camping without spending extra energy on setting up tents or driving caravans. Everything is already set up for you. Alain offers a modern RV van, with all the good stuff inside, like a bio toilet and shower, kitchen and 3 sleeping places. There is also a possibility to have a tent right near the van to enjoy drinks outside after a long day of swimming. There is also a camping station nearby, where you can use the restroom. This camping would be perfect for a group of friends since you can get good living conditions for the cheaper price than a hotel. Moreover, the sea breeze and beautiful coastal area will definitely make the trip far more enjoyable.

So, at the end, camping in West-Vlaanderen can be as diverse as you want it to be. But the province also offers luxury stays for those looking for a change of scenery without the need to sacrifice the comfort.

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