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Hike an adventure trail with ‘Ik wil hiken’

Hike an adventure trail with ‘Ik wil hiken’

Go on an Adventure Trail expedition in the Veluwe National Park with Campspace ambassador Rick Mulder of Ik Wil Hiken!

Have you always wanted to go on a proper hiking trip and learn the ins and outs of wilderness hiking? Read on for five ways you can benefit from embarking on an Adventure Trail experience with Rick Mulder in the Netherlands.


Campspace is supporting Ik Wil Hiken in organising two-day hiking trips through the Veluwe National Park. Head out with hiking specialist Rick Mulder and learn everything there is to know about the surrounding nature. Get out of your head and focus on the trail and putting one foot in front of the other. You’ll be amazed at how much being active in nature will help your stress levels, clarity of thinking, sleep quality and overall physical wellbeing. On the Adventure Trail you’ll learn to live your life in an environmentally-aware way that focuses on the basic tenets of health and happiness.

5 reasons to spend time in nature

For kids and adults alike, being in nature has multiple mental and physical health benefits, not to mention advantages for the future of our local and global environments.

For your health

Did you know that being outside has a positive influence on your health? Sunlight makes your skin produce natural vitamin D, which in turn has a positive effect on your teeth and healthier bones. Another fun fact: the fungi and bacteria contained in mud strengthens your immune system – so no need to wash your hands unless you’ve really got to! What a treat it is to get down and dirty in nature, free from the confines of society! Finally, less screen time and more time spent focusing on distant vistas offers your eyes a much needed break from the daily grind.

Reduce stress

It‘s a proven fact that nature can reduce the stress held in your body. This has to do with, among other things, certain substances produced by trees and plants called phytoncides. According to Japanese researchers, these substances have shown to have a positive impact on one’s stress levels. They can even be the reason you become euphoric when you walk through the forest or spend time outside. Your blood pressure lowers and your heartbeat slows down. In nature you find your peace!

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Get some exercise

Being outside means you can’t avoid moving your body more! On an Adventure Trail, you don't just go outside, but embark on a bona fide expedition through the wilderness. This will keep you moving in a superior way to your commute to the office and will also benefit your mental health. Your prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain in charge of decision-making, gets better blood flow when you move. No complaints there!

Sleep better

What could be more beautiful than spending a night in nature, surrounded by peaceful noises of trees and wildlife? After spending the day outside, you will see that you fall asleep like a log. By living with nature you will also see that your biological clock functions better than behind the curtains. A better internal clock also ensures that you have a better hormone balance and that your organs function more efficiently.

Gain a better understanding of our environment

Spending prolonged time in nature allows you to better understand how our actions affect our surroundings. Going camping or hiking teaches you to have more respect for our planet. You learn, for example, that all plants are connected to each other and that nature has its own cycle. Trust me, you’ll soon lean towards more environmentally-conscious choices when you are out in nature more often.


Adventure Trails and Campspace

Hey! My name’s Rick. In collaboration with Campspace, I organise two-day hiking trips in the Netherlands. It is not just any hiking tour, because we truly immerse ourselves in nature. Choose an excursion with a foraging expert (11-12 June) or with an ecologist (28-29 May). You’ll also learn how to make a fire with a firesteel and I’ll teach you how to properly chop wood. We’ll prepare our food over a self-made campfire at the end of the day, which will end in our own individual tents. On the second day, we’ll set off again to be met with a privately-taught yoga session in the middle of the peaceful forest. We’ll move on to a beautiful area on the Veluwe where you will receive compass and map training from me.

All in all, it will be a weekend to remember. Everything is organised around one of my favourite Campspace locations. If you’re curious about the different tours I offer, take a look at my website.


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