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What to do in Limburg, the Netherlands

What to do in Limburg, the Netherlands

What are the top 5 activities to do in Limburg?

Have you thought about what to do in Limburg, the Netherlands? If you’re exploring holiday ideas, this may be the last article you need to read. Home to 1.1 million people, Limburg offers endless activities for you to choose from and engage yourself with. The popular capital of the province, Maastricht is certainly rich with Burgundian life, site-seeing, and culinary experiences. We have created a general list of the top 5 activities and what to do in Limburg in which you can be inspired by and then book your specific trip!

Camping in Limburg

Missing out on the true experience of Limburg starts by choosing to not camp among the hills, forests, and fields. While the region offers various accommodations in the cities, settling in a cozy tent, caravan, or between the picturesque nature is even better. Bring your own equipment or choose existing eco glamping tents, but either way, allow yourself to stay a few nights outdoors.

If you also have not read our article on the top 3 campspaces in Limburg, then we encourage you to do so. 

Exploring nature in Limburg

No matter what kind of traveller you are, at Campspace we can meet the most important standards of a good holiday: relaxation and fun. Mental and physical health can also be improved just by going for a short walk in itself. Exploring what Dutch nature has in store through walking, biking, horseback riding, off-highway vehicles, and boat riding are possible options by choosing to stay with one of our hosts.

Our hosts are also happy to give you the best tips on potential activities for your specific campspace, such as where the best ice cream parlor is or when you can spot deer from your tent.

If you want to go above and beyond, find out what plants are edible or are nice for tea. Explore your campspace surroundings and taste a piece of nature. 

Visiting Limburg with friends and family

From the Arca Castle Garden to Mt. Saint Pieter, there are many age-friendly activities available in Limburg rich with culture, heritage, and history. Just outside Maastricht, the limestone massif, Mt. Saint Pieter offers kilometers of walking and cycling trails. It is popular because it has the longest walking trail in the Netherlands and a bicycle path 80 kilometers long.

For those who want a more heart-pumping activity, mountain biking in Valkenburg’s underground caverns or water sports in the Maas river.

In contrast, you can do golf or go to a zoo as a more relaxed sport. You can also stay put by your campspace. Relaxing in the sun and grass reading a book or taking a slow leisurely walk around the campspace area is just as exciting and relaxing!

Food in Limburg

Limburg’s fertile soil supports the growth of vineyards, asparagus and other vegetables as well as crops for beer breweries. Limburg alone has no fewer than 10 Michelin star restaurants where you can spend a mealtime dining. The Limburg flan is also a specialized pastry one must try while visiting as well. As every region has its unique food quirks and restaurants, Limburg takes part in this cultural aspect. 

Events in Limburg

Lastly, involve yourself in outdoor events! You can either create your own little event with your friends and family in your campspace or participate in the region's planned events. For instance, the drive-through “Cow Tour” is an option for travellers who wish to be out and about. However, past events that are interesting are the outdoor escape room or do-it-yourself-tour! 

Limburg is one of the provinces that celebrates Carnival in February, an event full of partying, fancy dress and festivities! Be sure to clear your schedule and prepare for crowds if you're visiting at that time!

So there you have it. The activities of Limburg! Now all you have to do is book your trip, and enjoy your time stress-free about what to do!

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