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Dog-Friendly Campsites

Do you have a dog and want to bring them with you on your camping trip? Below are all the dog-friendly campsites specifically made for you!

Dog-Friendly Campsites

Campsites that allow dogs

There are many campsites that do not allow dogs for security reasons, such as allergies or it simply cannot accommodate a dog. However, the good news is that at Campspace, we have a wide range of animal-loving mini campsites for you!

Your furry friend can be the best travel companion, and many hosts not only allow dogs but some welcome and appreciate it if you do bring them! At a dog-friendly campsite, your pet has a lot of space to run around and play in. The campspace is a new world for them to explore. Some have fenced-in areas so your dog can’t run too far away from your sight or get lost. A safe and fun environment for both of you, two happy travelers!

Campsites with hiking trails

If you have an active dog, campsites are perfect places to go to as you can go for long hikes and explore new nature. New smells, new plants, new people, and perhaps they might notice squirrels, a dog's paradise. Make sure to practice respect and safety measures and only let your dog off the leash if they are very well trained and will listen to your commands. Otherwise, you never know what an excited dog might do if they hear something and run off and disturb the naturally peaceful habitat for wild animals. 

Head over to the lakes or open water to throw a ball! Your dog will be ecstatic. It can always take some time for your furry friend to get comfortable or used to a new environment but once they have looked around, they can come and go wherever they want.

Going camping with your dog will only strengthen and improve the relationship (if your dog likes to be outside and go for walks that is). Just the two of you, at a secluded location. 

Ready to bond with your best friend? Book a dog-friendly campsite right now! 

Travelling in a campervan with your dog

There's no better way to experience a road trip than with your best friend by your side. Dogs have a special appreciation for nature, and their pure love for exploration makes them the perfect travel companions. If you're planning on hitting the open road in a campervan, be sure to bring your furry friend along for the ride. They'll be sure to make the trip even more memorable. Filter for campervan or motorhome pitches on this page, or check out our camper sites!

If you don't own your own camping vehicle, browse this selection of dog-friendly campers for hire from our friends at Goboony!

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