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Where to Go Camping: A Camper’s Guide

Where to Go Camping: A Camper’s Guide

No matter if you are new to camping and just finding out which style of camping or which combination of camping styles you enjoy the most or if you are already an experienced camper you can find some new inspiration for where to go camping here.

Where to Go Camping Near Me

Where to go camping near me Campspace

How well do you know your own country or even your own region? We often dream of going to places far away, but why not discover the beauty of what is nearby? Check out our camper’s guide of ‘where to go camping near me’.

We think camping should be about reconnecting with nature, your camping buddies, and the community. Our favourite way of doing this is by camping at small intimate spots where you are close to nature and the host has time for a chat and to tell you about the area. These kinds of spots provide the perfect conditions for spending some quality time together and you will be sure to feel the peacefulness rolling over you. 

It isn’t necessary to drive to the other end of the continent to enjoy the energising powers of nature. You can easily find great camping spots in your own country or in countries close by that we are sure you will enjoy just as much! We have gathered some of our favourite spots in a few countries across Europe. Are you not close to these then find a spot close to you and get out of the city and into the countryside where you will be able to reconnect outside. 

1. Great Britain & Ireland


Where to go camping gypsy wagon England

There are many great places to camp in England but we really love the south. It’s not only beautiful, it’s also just a bit warmer and a bit more sunny which is always nice when you go camping. You can be close to the sea or go more inland and find a national park or forest to camp close by. Whichever you choose you will have plenty of great outdoor activities or a nice place to relax and recharge. If you have your own tent or camper you can opt for wild camping in a beautiful rural area or camping by a calm stream or the majestic sea. If you are looking for spots with accommodation on site to leave all worries behind, try a green escape in the enchanting Surry Hills or farm glamping in a cool safari tent

Looking for something more in the north of England? Then find your favourite spot close to you.


Where to go camping treehouse Campspace Scotland

Explore the mystery of the Log Ness Monster, find yourself in the vast and impressive highlands or drive by a whiskey distillery to learn all about why Scottish whiskey is so popular all around the world. Scotland is truly a beautiful country with a lot to offer: beautiful nature, great history, and distinct culture. Explore the many historic places in the south from this a Mongolian yurt and make this quiet Croft land the base for your relaxation and exploration of the cultural north. Visit the highlands from an impressive masterpiece of a tree house or an idyllic campspace in Central Scotland.


Where to go camping tent Irish coast

Ireland is a beautiful country and has a truly amazing coastline to the Atlantic Ocean in the west. Have your breath taken away by making a trip up - or down - the coast on the Wild Atlantic Way and spend the nights enjoying the view of the ocean. The sound of the ocean will definitely help wash all the stress away so you can just enjoy the wondrous nature you will experience here. You can try glamping on the edge of the ocean or a vintage chalet tent if you are going by car. Do you have your own tent or camper, then you can still park or pitch it right where rock and ocean collide.  

The Wild Atlantic Way is not only beautiful because you will be absorbing the amazing ocean view all day long. Another mesmerizing view that you can see along this road is a very dark night sky with beautiful shining stars on it. You might very well have the best stargazing experience right here

2. Germany 

Where to go camping Wooden tent Germany

No one can deny that Germany is a beautiful and quite diverse country and therefore it is also ideal for camping. You can also be certain to find a spot close to your favourite outdoor activity, whether this is hiking, swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing, or something completely different. Another great thing about Germany is that it borders many other countries so you can easily explore both sides if you stay in the borderland. Try a natural campspace or farm camping in the south close to the Austrian border, or a wooden tent amongst the vines close to the Swiss border. If you want to stay close to the French border try the pitch-black forest or bring your tent or camper to a peaceful spot near the Polish border

Are you not close to any of these campspaces or do you want to stay further north or more central, then find out where to go camping near you

3. Belgium 

Where to go camping farm Belgium Campspace

Belgium is a great country to camp in with beautiful nature and diverse culture with Dutch influence in Flanders and French influence in Wallonia. Best of all; it is super easy to reconnect outside as nature is never really far. And you can experience every type of camping here, from luxurious glamping to simplistic back-to-basics style. If you are in Flander and wondering: “where to go camping near me” then try glamping among calming alpacas or secluded camping in a forest nature reserve. Are you in the Wallonia region you can de-stress and relax in a quiet feng shui garden or reconnect outside in the countryside on a farm camping adventure

Want to camp in another area of Belgium? You can find plenty of small camping spots all over the country

4. The Netherlands 

Where to go camping luxurious tipi NL Campspace

The Netherlands is one of the most popular countries for camping in Europe. With its Dutch charm, beautiful nature, great cheese, and distinct architecture it is obvious why people enjoy spending their time in the Dutch landscapes. And you can easily explore all of the regions from a nice camping spot, just choose your favourite and make it your base for exploration or try out as many as you’d like. Don’t forget to bring a bike or rent one while you are here, because many places in The Netherlands are really best explored from a bike. 

Opt for extra luxury by staying in tipi or gypsy wagon among adorable animals or try back-to-basics cosyness in in a gypsy-wagon on a farm or on a private island oasis. Make the most sustainable choice and camp at an eco campspace in a Dark Sky Park near the Wadden Sea

Pick one of these or explore the endless options of mini campings in The Netherlands

5. Portugal 

Where to go camping car-tent lake Portugal

Camping in the south of Europe is great, it’s beautiful and warm and most days will be nice and sunny. Who doesn’t love camping in that kind of weather? When you have taken your time to recharge in the sun you will have plenty of beautiful places to visit, and you can of course go for a refreshing dip in the Atlantic Ocean if you fancy that. You can also explore some of the beautiful national parks more inland, close to the Spanish border. Bring your tent or camper and relax at this spot in the hills of Faro. In the Alentejo region you can experience some beautiful nature and amazing stargazing from this secluded campspace in the hills

You can try a ecological glamping experience by the coast north of Lisbon or glamping in Portugal’s largest nature reserve where you will really be able to reconnect outside as well as inside yourself. Here you will also be surrounded by beautiful nature, amazing wildlife, and mesmerizing stargazing opportunities as you will be far away from any light pollution. 

6. Spain 

Where to go camping Mongolian Yurt Campspace Spain

Dreaming of a land of tapas and paella? Then Spain is just for you, although it is so much more than that! You will discover beautiful nature and a rich and diverse culture across the different regions. From the distinct Basque Countries in the northwest to the arab influence Andalusia region in the south. In regions like the Basque Country, Catalonia, and Valencia you will also be met by different languages than Spanish. What better way to experience the diverse culture than by staying with some local hosts around the country? 

Getting away from the crowd does not mean you have to give up on luxury. You can opt for glamping in a traditional Mongolian yurt close to the beach or in a bell tent in the middle of an olive grove in the beautiful Andalusia region. If you are bringing your own tent or camper and enjoy the simplicity of camping then you will love this spot in the mountains of Córdoba or this peaceful spot with a view over the Mediterranian. If you are looking for spots further north, experience the great feeling of a super sustainable stay at a wind and solar powered eco farm in Valencia

7. France 

Where to go camping bubble tent Campspace France

Enjoy a freshly baked baguette or croissant like only the French can make them. France, the country of romance and wine. But no matter if you are on a romantic getaway or a family trip France is a lot more than baguettes and wine, although those are undeniably great things. The beautiful nature with great mountains like the Alps and the Pyrénées, rivers, and coasts, and the rich culture with great artists and historic architecture. There is plenty to see and do across all regions of this amazing country.  

There are many places to pitch your tent, park your camper, or try out an extraordinary and unique camping experience in the great camping nation of France. What about sleeping in a bubble where you can fall asleep in your bed while watching the beautiful night sky? If you are looking to pitch your own tent or park your camper somewhere you can try camping among bamboo trees in the south or among apple trees in the Normandie further north. If you want to get far away from the crowds you can opt for a little sanctuary off the grid or let your heart melt at this rescue farm

Are you not close to any of these spots? Then find out where to go camping close to you.

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