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Glamping in Ireland

Glamping in Ireland

Want to go glamping in Ireland? Below are a list of glamping campspaces that you can visit for a weekend getaway!

Glamping in Ireland

Glamping in Ireland

Glamping is one of the most luxurious ways of camping there is, it combines comfort camping with nature! So it is more sustainable than a hotel, and by far way more sustainable to travel to because it’s local! Going glamping can make you forget you are in your own country, experiencing such a fancy holiday stay in the middle of nature.

All you have to bring is yourself, and perhaps your favourite food and snacks! Otherwise, it’s always recommended travelling to the nearest town and explore the local streets, and support the local businesses. If you prefer to practice your camping cooking skills, have a look at our camping meals dinner ideas! There’s also breakfast, lunch, snacks and special edition dinner ideas available for you too.

Don’t hesitate to ask your hosts for any tips on what to do or where to go, they will be happy to help. As Ireland is such a nature-rich country, you’ll only experience fresh greenery, which will boost your mental wellbeing!

What to do when glamping

Your glamping experience should be both relaxing yet engaging. You’re in nature, so take advantage of your time in it! There’s so many activities you can do depending on where you are and what nature you’re in, but for the most part, there’s something for you to enjoy.

If you enjoy more leisurely activities, going for a hike, birdwatching, and foraging are light things to do that keep you active but something that can engage you for hours. We always recommend to go fishing if you’re by water, especially since its a sustainable way preparing your own meal! If you enjoy more active activities, you can opt for a bike ride to cruise around. This is faster than walking and you can explore more nature this way. You can also go kayaking! 

Whatever you choose, your glamping experience won’t be forgotten. So what are you waiting for? Your glamping experience is just around the corner! 

Prefer other glamping accommodations? You can also go sleeping in a yurt, sleeping in a tipi or sleeping in a tree house. Or have a look at our campsites in Ireland

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